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5 productivity rules that help writers become successful

Becoming successful as a writer requires you to put in consistent efforts in what you do daily. This means that you have to work on your writing skills and continually seek a better version of your writing.

It also requires a certain threshold of discipline as far as meeting deadlines, setting personal goals and organization go.

Keyways of improving your writing include:

  • Working with schedules
  • Organization
  • Avoiding clutter
  • Writing often
  • Practicing in public

1.- Working with Schedules

The thing with schedules is that they infuse a sense of responsibility in what you do. They also make you realize that failing to work within your schedule will hamper other plans that you may have for the day or week. In writing, this holds as well.

A fundamental productivity rule that will help you as a writer succeed is to ensure that you work with a defined schedule. This will make it easy and possible for you to commit to your writing tasks.

It also reminds and prepares you psychologically for what you will write on – and this helps to improve your creativity. You will also be in a place to achieve more when you work with schedules.

The essence of success as a writer is about churning out high-quality work as well as improved numbers of the works that you do. Conforming to a schedule is a rule that you can abide by to achieve this.

2.- Organization

There is no contention that the organization can help in improving your chances of success as a writer. How you organize yourself speaks a lot about your planning and your execution.

You need to ensure that you have an editorial calendar that will help to guide your writing. To develop top-notch writing skills, you need to ensure that you equally read.

With this in mind, then you might want to ensure that you dedicate some of your time reading. It could be reading books, novels, or even essays.

This will also require some form of organization on your part. In this sense, therefore, there is a case for a proper organization if you want to become successful as a writer.

3.- Avoiding Clutter

In this digital age, it is easy to get distracted. There is a lot of content on the web yearning for your attention. Social media is even worse. You could drown in your phone’s notifications. All this is a clutter and does not substantially help you advance as a writer.

You need to ensure that you say clear of any clutter. Mute your phone turn off your internet. Keep off social media. Set time limits on how much time you can spend on social media and your phone in general. Devote this time to your writing.

When you do this, you set yourself on a path of improving your writing skills, and this could help you immensely. It also helps you to concentrate on what you do and bolsters your creativity – an essential -component in top-notch and successful writing.

4.- Writing Often

An essential tip on how to improve writing skills and be successful as well is to write often. Writing often allows you to hone your skills since you identify mistakes in the process and subsequently iron them out, thus enabling you to refine your game.

Another upside of writing often is that it helps your confidence and also helps you establish a definite writing style. These help to form a solid foundation in writing, which is something that is a prerequisite for top-notch and successful writing.

5.- Practice in Public

This involves publishing your work out there in public for people to see, read, and critique as well. The upside of publishing and writing work for public consumption is the feedback that you get. There will be people willing to give you feedback on how your work is and the level of your writing.

There is also an impetus to do better day in day out. This is because you are keen not to repeat mistakes, and are equally keen to set up your readers for an exciting piece than the previous experience.

Further, the audience also gives you a sense of responsibility and accountability since you have to deliver. This way, you can easily hone your skills and improve your writing skills. You might be surprised how practicing in public could help sharpen your writing abilities.

In summary, there are tons of tried, tested, and proven ways that can help you improve how you write. Writing is an art and therefore leans heavily on repetition and creativity for improvement and advancement.

Therefore, improving your writing requires more writing as well as working with some principles of organization and discipline. It is highly worth noting that the extent of your improvement is commensurate with the effort that you put into the process.

This article was originally written by Jessica Fender @jessfender.

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