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What to do if you decided to write a story

Many of us have a story to tell, we have experience, knowledge and vision of “How it supposed to be”. So what to do if you decided to write your own story or book?

Don’t tell anyone that you are going to write a story, even if you started to write one. It’s common that after you made to do list or only planning on doing something, you rush to tell “I’m going to be a writer!” to all your friends and everyone you know. But what if you won’t succeed (it happens in 80% when people fail at their first attempt), you will be judged and discussed your back, you definitely don’t need it.

Writing a story and promoting it is a difficult process that consumes a lot of time and energy. Don’t put high standards for yourself and people around you, and try to look at things with clear mind.

It’s not too late to change your mind. For instance, you can start a project, become a reviewer, establish your own business in other words find tons of different activities where earning a significant amount of money is easier than writing a book. It is very rare when fiction, business or any other book becomes a best seller, and it’s almost impossible for beginners to become commercially successful. So if you are writing a book to earn some money this option is not for you.

Despite first 3 tips you still need to try your hand at writing a story. If you won’t try, you will never know where it could lead you, so stop guessing of what “might happen” and do it!

Forget that someone admire writers. They get criticized, envious, colleagues say that “He or she is mere incompetence”, when they are underestimated geniuses. All these noise and talks, fame and attempts “to make a name” - that’s not a reason why people start writing books. Most of emerging authors write without thinking of getting famous or send their works to everyone in a hope that someone will notice them. In order to reach certain financial or moral status you will need to work a lot, it won’t happen overnight.

Success of great story is not about complaining to reader or telling the story from yours perspective, reader should to put himself/herself in your place and feel same emotions as you do. No one cares about your rough childhood, divorce of your patents and the fact that you were a fat ugly kid with glasses in school. But when you tell about your difficulties in a specific way so the reader can learn a lesson from it - emotional or moral and experience all events as if it actually happened with him or her – that’s what makes it a great story.

To be a good writer and write a story worth reading is not easy. It’s important to work hard, train regularly, expend your skills, to read a lot and write even more, try various styles and genres. 

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