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7 steps to promote your story and get readers

As authors, we know how much of hard work is writing, but nobody tells us how difficult it is to get a consistent base of readers who enjoy your stories and let you know what they think of them. So in today's blog, we bring you the 7 key steps to promote our history and get readers.

1.- The first thing that can not fail is that your book has the quality and you must write, at least, well enough for your audience to understand what you want to convey. We are not worth the "hello guys this is my first novel, forgive the spelling mistakes" because that way nobody will ever take you seriously. If you follow that first step well, capturing readers will not be so difficult. The following steps depend more on how you sell your story and yourself as a writer.

2.- The second step that almost nobody does nowadays is to create an author's webpage. Whether in a social network like Facebook or Instagram, or a web page from scratch, this is a very important step. The goal is to contact your readers or potential readers who may be part of your audience in the future. Therefore, having an author profile/website in which you talk about your writing process or your source of inspiration can be interesting. Remember that the more readers know about you, the closer they want to have you. And that means presenting yourself as a real person.

3.- The next thing to consider is the potential of social networks. We have already mentioned that having a website or an author webpage is important, but it will be worthless if you do not promote yourself. Tell your story in an exciting way so that those who do not know you are encouraged to read, or share links from your website or blog. Remember how powerful social networks are, and see how brands use them to attract customers or, in our case, other authors attract readers.

4.- You also have to keep in mind that it is not the same to promote (you) as spam, so be careful, because social network filters are very sensitive and can report you or, even worse, delete your account. Think about the image you want to project to others.

5.- In this section, we must highlight the importance of Facebook groups. The reading groups on Facebook do not stop growing every day, thanks to these, you can reach the audiences you want. Usually, people that joined these groups, are . always looking for new reads, and they are very much happy to share your story if they really love it.

6.- Another very effective way to capture readers is through reviews. Do you know how many people seek an opinion from someone about a book they have not yet read to see if it is worth it? We know that nowadays there are many books out there, but people do not have much time to read them all, so they need choose; and one of the filters is always the reviews. You can ask a blogger or booktuber (it does not have to be very well known since the most popular do not usually accept proposals from new authors who have their books published on online platforms) to review your book. This is also valid if you plan to self-publish.

7.- Finally, I will advice to get creative: be open-minded. You can create a YouTube channel where you can talk about how you got to write your story, what inspired you and invite your audience to start reading your stories. You can also go to writing workshops, and keep learning. Talk to your readers to find out what they would change in your story, ask your family and friends. There are a thousand things you can do (and find online) that can help you capture more readers and improve your story at the same time! You just have to look at all the marketing strategies used by the different companies you know or other more established authors. Learn from the best.

I know that promoting ourselves isn't an easy task. But think it of this way: if you value your work , others will do it too. Put as much effort into promotion your content (perhaps even 10x) as the time you invested on writing it. There are many ways in which you can make yourself known, you just have to look at it from different perspectives.

Original text by: Raquel Jiménez (@extraordinhxrry)

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