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How to rely on BETA Readers to polish your story

As writers, sometimes we feel insecure about publishing our stories as they are. Will the readers feel the are good enough? Are they well written? Are they well developed? Will they be interesting?

After having so many doubts, it's normal to feel as we don't know what to do, who should we rely on, who can provide us some writing support, or who can give us a point of view that, above all, tells us the reality of the effectiveness our stories' narrative, privately, without feeling exposed.

On Inkspired there are many ways of support for writers, one of them being the BETA Readers, whose objective is to support and encourage you as a writer. The BETA Readers are a team of volunteer writers and readers who will give you a point of view about your story in a responsible, respectful, professional and constructive way. One of the best things is that your chapter does not need to be published to make a request. The idea of this service is to give you a thorough opinion with a more thoughtful reading than just a simple comment. In summary:

  • BETA Readers will review your story objectively and professionally.
  • They will check the fluency of the plot.
  • They will let you know if your story contains grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • They will help you notice the errors in the development of the script and the characters

The best part of BETA Readers is that they also clear your doubts, since when you make a request you can make specific requests about what you really need help with. To benefit from the help of BETA Readers, you must be an Inkspired Premium subscriber or, alternatively, unlock the option individually from the self-publishing services page.

For more information, you can check the official post about the BETA Readers service.

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