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7 steps to break through the online literary community and not die trying

1) Join online communities of writers. It will help you to start reading other authors, comment on their stories, and you will see that it most of the cases it will be reciprocated. You can ask for advice or opinions about your book cover, some guidance, or even just proof reading a few of your chapters. You will see how much you can achieve just by asking, and by giving. Remember, being part of a community is sharing, not just taking.

2) Participate in writing competitions. You can take them as a personal challenge or just for fun, but writing contests not only help you get out of your comfort zone with their varied (and most of the time creative) themes, they also make you visible to other types of readers. Those who still do not know you may be attracted to read a story or a story in which you leave your personal writer's stamp. On Inkspired, we have monthly writing contests, and not to mention our annual The Authors' Cup.

3) Join book chains. Book chains not only allow you to know the stories of other writers, they are also very helpful to see the positive and negative sides of your writing. It will help you that another writer reads you and gives you his opinion, thus being able to improve your writing, the plot or the characters.

4) Be creative. Whether to promote your stories in groups, forums or online communities (without spamming) or to upload content to your social networks, the key is to draw the maximum amount of attention to your content. In this field everything is allowed, book trailers are a good way to tell briefly what your story is about. The memes are a very good tool to publicize your characters, today there are many free pages and applications to generate them. There is a golden rule for content creators: if it takes you 1 hour to write a story/article, you should at least spend 10 hours promoting it.

5) Make videos. Videos are trending and engaging. In today's world, videos have gained more strength in social networks, and draw much of an audience's attention. From youtubers to celebrities, content creators use them to connect and communicate with their followers. A good option is to upload a video to your social networks commenting on your next update or future projects. If you dare, you can make a live video and interact with your followers, watching their reactions and comments in real-time.

6) Write with passion, and create a unique storytelling style. If there is something that separates good writers from excellent writers, it is the passion they put into their work, and the unique style they use to describe and express ideas, sequences, and emotions. When you really care about what you are storytelling, your readers can perceive it.

7) Be authentic. For your posts and/or stories to gain traction it is essential that you define what is your voice, tone and writing style will be. Do not try to sound very different from the way you speak, as the reader will notice, and do not try to imitate someone else's style and ideas.

Original text by: Mariana Prado (@marinaprado84)

Edited by: Galo Vargas (@marinaprado84)

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