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Best ways for students to develop writing skills

Any student is perfectly aware that college life is not only fun and great parties. Whether you like it or not, you will receive various assignments during college. Your evaluation will go beyond taking exams and getting good grades. You can also prove that you are a good student. You can convince your evaluators that you have excellent writing skills and write unique papers. So, you should put all the possible efforts during college to develop your writing skills and become the best in your class. However, writing can be a very intimidating activity as not many students can discover its secrets and make it a fun activity.

When they think of writing, many students believe that if they write many details, they are on the safe side, and will get an excellent grade. While including much information is exceptional, you shouldn’t exaggerate. Your professors will immediately feel that you don’t know precisely what you are talking about. This is just an example of how you can improve your writing skills. Keep reading this article, and you will discover the best tips to improve your writing results.

1. Make sure you understand what you are writing about

When you receive a writing task from your professor, the first thing you should do is start the research. It is perfectly normal not to understand all the concepts you have to write about. This is why the research will help you have a clear picture of what you are writing about. Your professors will give you the structure and ideas. So, this is your starting point. Apart from the resources provided by your professors, you should also find new sources of inspiration and extract the necessary information from there as well. You should read as much as possible and start writing only when you understand the concepts very well.

As soon as you have a clear idea of the concepts, you will see how ideas will start flowing, and the writing process will become a piece of cake. When you know what you are writing about, you will also become more explicit and deliver a comprehensive piece of writing. A good understanding of the specific terminology will also help you define a clear purpose for your article. Thus, the chances to make mistakes and the risk of getting a bad grade are significantly smaller.

2. Create a clear structure

A highly-appreciated piece of writing has a very clear structure and flow of ideas. Apart from understanding the topic, you should also think of your readers. The ultimate goal of any college paper is to help readers improve their knowledge and appreciate your efforts. Whether you have to write about a complex subject or a simpler one, you will need a clearly defined structure. This exercise will help you develop your ideas and make sure that you don’t lose your focus. It is very easy to divagate from the subject when you are adding too many details.

So, creating an outline will help you include all the necessary details and respect the professor’s requirements. When you have an overview, you will discover how your writing will become more precise and natural. Also, your readers will immediately understand your message, and your chances to receive appreciation and good grades in class will increase significantly. If you are not sure how your structure should look like, you can do a simple exercise. Think, for a second, as your readers and try to understand what they expect from you. Once you have identified the response to this question, you refine your structure and offer engaging content to your readers.

3. Create an inspiring space for writing

Despite all your research efforts and exercises to put yourself in your readers’ shoes, you won’t write anything special unless you find a place in your room which inspires you. Some students write very well when they stay in a quiet and optimistic place. Some students are not able to start writing or studying unless their room is tidy. What is your preference for your writing room? Any object in your office can transmit you a different source of inspiration. So, you should stay away from any objects or places that distract you and make you lose your focus.

Apart from the way your room is organized, there are also mobile devices and gadgets which may distract you. Everyone loves to keep an eye on what’s happening on Facebook or Instagram. But, when you are writing a college paper, you should stay away from distractions and concentrate only on what you have to do. However, you shouldn’t force yourself to write in a specific environment only because the theory says so. If you don’t feel disturbed by anything, then you shouldn’t stress too much with this idea. Just get up and start writing without thinking about anything else.

4. Proofread your texts before submission

Even though you feel confident in your writing abilities, you shouldn’t submit your manuscript unless you carefully proofread it several times. Proofreading will help you identify any grammar or spelling mistakes. But, it will also help you notice any accuracy and comprehensiveness flaws. If you read your college paper before submission, you will still have time to make any corrections and identify whether you respected the theme and guidelines. There are also various online tools that you can use to proofread your text and identify any errors.


Many students are scared of the idea of writing college papers. In reality, it isn’t as complicated as many would think. Even though you have to respect some guidelines, you shouldn’t forget to have fun during the entire process. The tips detailed above will help you improve your writing skills and improve your college performance. As long as you stay comfortable and think of writing as a relaxing activity, then you will see how your ideas will flow smoothly, and you will remain clear and accurate.


This is a guest post by Daniela McVicker (@danielamcvicker)

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