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Learn how to write about mistery and crime

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The mind of psychopaths/sociopaths is very complex, so much that, at times, the writer may end up deviating from his main idea to end up committing random acts, that can create a huge mistake. The first thing to be clear about when creating a murderer is the degree of evil we want him to have according to his actions.

According to the root of the killer's mentality, there are two very different profiles that lie in two very different diseases, despite the fact that there are no differences between the two.

The first profile to take into account is that of the sociopath, which usually begins at a very early age and, little by little, as the years go by, the symptoms get worse. If you have in mind to create a character with a sociopathic profile, you have to take into account his childhood and / or adolescence, which, unlike psychopathy, are based on physical or psychological abuse.

The sociopath tends to isolate himself from the world, creating in his mind something similar to an idealized world where he himself has control of everything that happens, wanting to show his own rules to the real world, where he acts without regrets and without care towards others. We must also bear in mind that the sociopath does not always have to end up committing murders, although there have also been cases, the sociopath enjoys manipulating others regardless of the consequences, does not learn from his past experiences as very traumatic or very negative that were the consequences suffered. Sociopaths are able to feel some kind of emotional connection, but only with counted people, such as a family member or friends, but not always.

On the contrary, psychopaths are unable to empathize with anyone, nor can they have an emotional bond with anyone and even, sometimes, cannot even maintain control of their feelings towards themselves, which can lead to self-harm. Sometimes, psychopaths can even be seen as charming people, performances worthy of a reputed actor, but they are only masks that hide their true personality.

When creating a character, each aspect is essential and decisive for its development but, especially with those who present an anomaly in their mind and way of thinking, it is important to review every point that is believed not to make mistakes. Staying in the disturbed mind of a murderer, a manipulator or anyone with psychological illnesses is extremely complex, but if carried out in the right way, the results can be 100% satisfactory.

Text by:

K.H. Baker


English Translation:

Inkspired Team

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