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Write with the rhythm of the music

Photo: (c) | Dreamstime.com

What would a movie or TV series be without their soundtrack? They wouldn't be the same, right?

Music helps us to get more into the story, more into the scene we have in front of us. It makes us feel something, it causes emotions and it takes us to that exact moment.

In the same way, writing with a good background melody can make our inspiration flow better so we can write a more vivid scene or one full of sensations.

Imagine a woman dressed in a long dress that swirls at her feet as she walks under the watchful eye of a crowd. Her chained dolls can barely move, only what the guard's pulls in front of her allow. She can feel the hate in the eyes looking at her, the way they accuse and judge her. And yet, that woman walks with her head high, her chin pointing high as her pride. The breeze runs light keeping the flames of the torches in a hissing dance towards the sky; The end of his journey is the bonfire. Without looking back, she climbs the pyre that has been prepared, ready to receive the sentence for being free and brave, more than others would like.

How does it sound? What if you read it now with Shawn James's "Burn the witch" in the background? What sounds better?

This is a small example of what music can achieve in us. A single song can inspire a scene and even the idea of ​​an entire book.

How does the character feel? How is the environment? That and more can be described much better if we get into history with music. Rain to relax, “Love is a bitch” by Two feet for sensual scenes, BSO movies for epic scenes…

The list of songs and moments is long and even almost infinite. Choose a good song, one that makes you feel what you want to convey and press the keys, I assure you that the words will flow more smoothly.

Text by:

Amara Calderón


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