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Be careful with technicalities

The dictionary defines technicalities as "Each of the technical voices used in the language of an art, a science, a trade, among others.". Understanding this, as the complex language that is used within a particular speciality.

The question is: Can a writer make use of technicalities in his/her writings?

Although, dictionaries state that they are technical voices used in an art (...), and writing is an art, it is not recommended to use them excessively, since, they can create a distance between the writer and reader. When a person reads a novel, he/she seeks to identify with the story in a profound way, through desires and needs, and if this is written in a language that escapes their field of knowledge, the reader simply leaves it.

Imagine that in a suspense story, the author writes a conversation, using legal technicalities, for example:

"He laughed with relief at what he had just witnessed. I take a deep breath and turn the body in the direction of his friend to comment on what happened: ―It is believed that the wife of the deceased will file a claim for damages against Mario's family, and if possible, also accuse them of injury, What?

"What a problem for Mario." You and I know that he had nothing to do with the murder of that poor man. ”He paused for a long time, as if he was pondering what he would say. My wife told me that in the halls of the Palace of Justice it is rumored that Mario will be charged with the intellectual author of the murder, so he will be given several years in prison."

See, that for a lawyer this conversation is extremely clear, however for an accountant, architect or for a high school student, the situation is different. The author must avoid unnecessary technicalities, in order to get into the reader's thinking. Recalling that simplicity in his writing is a sign of previous quality work and not carelessness and even bad writing.

Search to connect with the reader and you will see great results.

Text by:

Franyelis Ramírez

Translation: Inkspired Team

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