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The keys to promote your book

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A writer's life is not easy. It's all about writing, erasing, rewriting, spending hours waiting for something to emerge from your imagination, sometimes it stays blank and sometimes it just flows like river water. And the difficult thing continues, it is time to publish and make people read your work. Publishing houses become an option, but you do not always have the money and the necessary resources. The positive thing is that unlike several years ago, we can now use the internet to promote our books.

However, the Internet it's so big that you also have to know how to use it. Here we leave you some points to keep in mind.

According to an article by Excentrya, the first thing you should do as a writer is to create your personal blog. Many authors prefer to have a blog after publishing their book, but creating it from the beginning and telling the whole process of creating your books, can be very interesting for readers. In this way, people will know your name. The closer you get to the readers, the more they will want to have you nearby.

The second, use your social networks to promote yourself. These days, Social Networks are everything. This is why most businesses use them and they even have one or two people in charge of it. They have a great influence in sales and people's mind. But first, you should know how to use them. Promote your stories, but don't create spam. Do continuous post to keep people updated, but do not overwhelm them with so much information. Invite them to your blog and above all (and very IMPORTANT) interact with them. It seems not, but users and people in general appreciate the proximity.

Third, worry about the quality of your book. If you want to be known as a good writer you must do what great writers do: write impeccably. It is not necessary that you know 100% your style (because that is found along the way); but you should have as a priority the spelling, grammar and general structure of your work. Many independent books fail for this reason. It is thought that by publishing for free, anyone can publish anything and if you want to be a writer it is essential to have a work with zero grammatical or orthographic errors. If this is still your weakness, do not worry, you can hire a correction service or pay someone to make a report. There are always ways to improve.

Fourth, tell the story of how you created your book in an emotional way. Connect with your readers telling them why did you write that book and what is your mission with it. In what way can you help others.

Fifth, create a media strategy for your book, including a kit with: your biography as a writer, press releases, personal information, information on upcoming events, important events, a synopsis of a book and a personal photo. In addition, you can create a short slogan that summarizes the most important of your book, which arouses the curiosity of readers.

Sixth, look for reviews. It is said that between 5 to 7 months before publishing your book or finishing it, look for people interested in reviewing it. The reviews support you to give you details that you could improve for your publication.

And as a seventh point, be creative with the other resources. Expand your promotion channels. For example: Create videos, both on YouTube and Facebook, attend conferences and / or writing events and make contacts, talk with new people, present your books, account what you are creating, etc.

Sometimes the word promote us we do not like, but in any career or specialty is necessary to transcend. Value your work, expose it and others will value it. Try different ways to make yourself known, you do not have to stay with one forever. And if at first you do not see results, it persists. This is not a race of speed, but rather of resistance. He who stays focused, triumphs.

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Andrés Oscura Andrés Oscura
No había considerado la importancia de crear un blog personal hasta que leí justo estos tips. Me encantó la comparación con la carrera de resistencia y, vaya, sí que de eso se trata. ¡Muy buenos consejos y tips!
November 18, 2019, 21:46
Margarita Lapina Margarita Lapina
Very Successfull Ideas! TYVM dear team #InkSpired!
August 07, 2019, 03:38