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How to participate in an Authors' Cup Challenge

We already are in the second month of the Authors' Cup and we have a lot of writers participating, competing, interacting and obtaining points. At the moment, the ranking is very even. In this article, we explain in detail how to participate in the different types of challenges in case there is still some confusion.

Once inside the Authors' Cup section -in the ​​challenges area-, you will find them separated by Cup Challenges, Monthly Challenges and Flash Challenges. Once you choose the one you want, you must click on 'Participate Now'. At that moment a window will open in which you will see the other requirements to complete the challenge, such as: the number of chapters that are required, the minimum number of words per chapter, the categories, the hashtags to use, frequently asked questions, etc. Once you click in 'Participate' again, you will be participating immediately. However, this does not mean that the challenge is completed or finished.

For a challenge to be completed, you must mark it as such. This box will appear in the same challenge window once you are already participating. However, be careful to check this box if the challenge is still in process. It is very important that you signal it as completed ONLY when everything that was requested has been completed. Otherwise, the Authors' Cup team will reject that challenge and you will not earn the points.

To mark it as completed you must perform the following steps:

1) Click on the challenge

2) Check the Complete Challenge box

3) Depending on the type of challenge, above the completion button you will find: a field to fill in any information, a list of the stories you can choose or a list of micro-stories. You will also have the option to mark it as incomplete again, in case you have made a mistake and/or you still have something missing.

REMEMBER that each time a challenge is marked as completed, the story will be automatically BLOCKED and you can't edit it until the Inkspired jury verifies and grades the challenge. However, that doesn't mean that you can't participate with this story in other challenges, as long as it allows it.

When a challenge is related to Social Networks or asks for a URL, it is important that you add it in the field that will appear next to the completition button, if by any case it doesn't appear, the jury will not be able to give it a score either.

Finally we want to inform you that the ranking is updated every Friday, but this doesn't mean that all challenges that have been completed until that day have already passed the verification process, so if you don't see all your points updated, do not worry, they will appear in the following weeks.

If you want to see the challenges that are active right now press here.

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