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Eight tips to get your story verified


Do not confuse writing with knowing how to write. This is fundamental within literature, especially since any person can publish online. However, if your real dream is to become a writer, the professionalism of your stories and words is crucial.

Online publishing has brought many benefits to independent writers such as: immediacy, effectiveness in reaching an audience and support from a reading community. But the quality of the texts, the spelling and grammar is not always filtered, things that no writer should forget.

On Inkspired we seek to support authors to grow, learn, get known and eventually fly alone as great writers. That’s why the stories verification process was created, which has as main objective to promote all the stories that have great quality. Having your story in the “Waiting for Review” status doesn’t mean that it is not published on our platform, but once I verified it will give you greater reach among readers, as it will be constantly recommended.

Here we give you several tips to have your story verified as soon as possible.

1) Be meticulous with your spelling and grammar. Check accents, letters and even typos or keyboard errors. Take care of the punctuation and the capital letters in the whole text, but also on the synopsis and title.

Recommendation: If you do not have very deep knowledge about spelling, you can ask a friend or teacher to read your story, or hire a proofreading service (there are many at a good price).

2) Create a good plot. A writer is an artist, someone creative who proposes a different and interesting story. Make sure your plot is innovative and engages.

Recommendation: Tell your story to someone nearby or read it out loud. Breaking the silence of the mind makes you realize what you are telling.

3) Maintain consistency between the title, the cover, the synopsis and the text. Everything must be connected. The title and cover should give a clue as to what is to be read.

4) Take care that your story, title and / or cover do not infringe the Inkspired Community Guidelines.

Recommendation: If you do not know what the rules are, you can read them here.

5) Take care of your story’s presentation: Write in paragraphs, use the same fonts, and design an original cover.

Recommendation: If you do not have design skills, on Inkspired we offer the cover design service. You can request it here.

6) Request Beta Readers, these are people who will you a review and feedback about specific aspects that you ask about a chapter.

Recommendation: Specify what you want Beta readers to analyze. Try to focus on one or two things so they can give you deep insights and suggestions.

7) Request priority in the Verification of your stories.

Recommendation: We recommend this 100%. On Inkspired hundreds of stories are published per day, and verifying all is a long process that requires time. When you request priority in the verification, your story goes to a smaller list that is review with greater urgency. To request this service you can enter the following link.

8) Be flexible in correcting your stories.

Recommendation: If your story receive a comment from our editorial team, correct it as soon as you can and answer the comment whenever you do it, so we can verify it inmediately.

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