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Create an effective book cover


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Your story can be wonderful, be perfectly written, present an interesting plot and deserve to be read, but if all of this isn't transmitted properly from the beginning, readers could ignore it. And what happens? The story could be lost. For this reason, the cover of your book is one of the most important points to consider.

You must have heard before that a cover is your cover letter. It is what the reader will see first and therefore, it must motivate him to grab your book and, at least, read the synopsis, or better yet, the first pages. But many writers, especially those independent writers who at the moment publish their works on digital platforms, do not know how to create an quality cover.

You should know that according to the bibliography, and the famous authors, a good cover contains these characteristics:

- A title that communicates and at the same time draws attention.

- A quality photo or design that conveys a bit of what the story is about.

- The author's name.

- A short phrase that tells the reader what your story is about and that, at the same time, leaves the suspense, wanting to read the synopsis or the book as such. (This is optional)

While the creativity of the cover and the quality of the design or photography are important, a cover should gather the essentials of your story, and your personal style as an author. It is a way to tell the reader who you are, and what you write about. This will be your identification.

If at the beginning you find yourself with the great inconvenience of not knowing how to create your cover, and you do not have professional help, there are certain platforms that have pre-designed templates to help you in this process. Inkspired, for example, offers you the option to choose between 7 templates for free, and choose from 8 different colors. All you have to do is find a photograph that fits the design properly and you will have your cover in less than 5 minutes.

However, it will always be better that you design it, because in this way it will be exclusive and readers will be able to relate to your story immediately. Remember that sometimes images are remembered more than words.

As a way to support you on this, one of Inkspired self-publishing services is the cover's creation, and you can choose between: basic cover, cover with photo assembly or an illustrated cover. You can buy this with credit card or exchange it with your Reward Credits.

Do not forget that the cover is as important as the content, and it should express the essence of your story.

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