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A good microstory can be eternal


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Writing something so short can become the hardest thing you could ever write. And that is precisely the micro-stories art. There are stories that with just a few words have everything: good characters, a great plot, and a worthy ending. And they are also easily remembered (even memorized) thanks to their brief sentences.

Many authors point out several tips and tools to write a micro-story in an appropriate way. However, at Inskpired we believe that once you know them, it is you who puts the art and style of each story. Ou advice: be free while creating.

To honor what a micro story is, we will tell you in a few lines the things you should keep in mind when you decide to write one of these:

1. Be brief. This short story should have between 2 to 200 words, no more.

2. Deepen between genders and play with them. You can combine them and use subgenres.

3. Specify the information.

4. Use the ellipses if you need it.

5. Be direct.

6. Show what you want to tell, but at the same time do not say everything.

7. Let the reader imagine certain things.

8. Use an unexpected ending or a twist to your story.

Keeping this in mind, allows your imagination to flow and let creativity be the one that prevails. Remember that these types of stories are in full swing, because with new technologies everything is more immediate and there are people who increasingly seek to write or read less. On Inkspired we have released a new format of micro-stories, in which from your iPhone App you can write and read all you want. Very very soon it will also be available for Android.

These are some examples of famous micro stories that can be your guide:

A blind man, with his white cane, in the middle of the desert cries out because there are no obstacles to help him on his way”.

Alejandro Jodorowsky 

In Sumatra, someone wants to get a doctorate as a fortune teller. The wizard examiner asks him if he will pass or fail. The candidate answers that he will fail… “

Jorge Luis Borges

“Wake up, it’s late, a strange man shouts at me from the door. You wake up, you’re the one that needs to, I answer him. But that stubborn man just keeps on dreaming.”

Ana María Shua

 “And then there was the nine-year-old boy who killed his parents and asked the judge for clemency because he was an orphan.

Carlos Monsivais

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