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#NewWritingContest - Halloween can give you a MicroPanic

Terror takes over Inkspired this Halloween. And this can give a #MicroPanic to anyone. But calm down, the remedy is to take it out and write it down.

On Inkspired we give you this opportunity with a new contest called MicroPanic, which consists of creating a TERROR microstory of maximum 500 words. The scariest story will be the winner. And of course, spelling and grammar will be taken into account. Any error of these will subtract points.

Start date: October 23, 2018

End date: November 23, 2018

But what is the definition of Terror?

Terror or horror is defined by the emotion it causes in the reader or: fear. According to the author Noel Carrol, the most important characteristic of this literary genre is that it must provoke fear in the audience.

How does the contest work?

1. You must write a terror microstory, with a maximum of 500 words, and publish it on your Inkspired profile.

2. Once your story is published, you can edit it until the contest’s deadline.

3. The story must be published as a SHORT STORY of the Terror or Horror category.

4. You must tag your story with the hashtag #MicroPanic .

5. The story must have a title, a proper cover, and a brief description.

6. It must be an unpublished story, and exclusively of Inkspired during the time of the contest.

7. Once the contest is over, the microstory should remain published on Inkspired for a minimum of 6 months.

8. The contest will have a single winner and a second place. They will be announced the week of December 3rd.

9. The winners will be chosen by the Inkspired editorial team, and their choice will be based on the story that scares the most, the originality of the text, the grammatical quality and compliance with the rules.

10. A minimum of 20 participants is required for the contest to be official.

Competition rules

1. People from any part of the world can participate, but the story must be written in English.

2. The story can’t have more than 500 words, but it can have less.

3. The stories must be of your authorship, we do not accept any kind of plagiarism and there may be legal actions if this is infringed.

4. The stories have to be exclusive for the duration of the contest.

5. If you are not a current user of Inkspired and want to participate, you just have to register. It's free!

6. The story must have the hashtag #MicroPanic in the hashtags section. In addition, it must have a title, a cover and a brief description of the work.

7. This time you can participate with a maximum of 3 stories. No more works by the same author will be accepted. If this happens, all works of authorship will be disqualified.

8. Anyone who does spam will be disqualified.

9. The terms of the contest must be fulfilled. No work that comes out of this period will be accepted.

10. Stories can be edited only during the contest term. Once closed, no change will be accepted.

11. Once the winners have been announced, they should write to [email protected] to coordinate the delivery of the prizes. If the winner is not pronounced within 15 days, the prize will be awarded to the second place.

12. You do not need to participate since the first day, you can do it whenever you want while the contest is open.

13. Participation in this contest means that the user knows and accepts the bases thereof.

14. We also have competitions in other languages -Spanish and Portuguese-, you can see them in the contest section of each language.



First place: An audio story of your history; an exclusive art designed by our graphic team, with your name and the winner story; and 1 Story Promotion pack for free.

Second place: 1 Story Promotion Pack for free.

How to publish a story on Inkspired?

1. Go to www.getinkspired.com

2. Register as a user (if you are not already). You can do it manually or via Facebook.

3. Click on CREATE A STORY.

4. Choose the type of story you want to publish, in the case of the contest it must be: SHORT STORY

5. Write the title of your story and the category (in this case it would be THRILLER). The title can be edited later if you wish.

6. Write your story as a single chapter.

7. Once written click on 'save' and then 'close and go to the story’s profile’.

8. Here you can add the hashtag #ThrillerTime, the description, the cover and the language. Remember that the hashtag must go both in the hashtag section and in the description.

9. Then you will have to go down to where your chapter’s title is and click on the button that says 'Draft' and change it to 'Published'.

10. You can see a video tutorial on how to post here: https://getinkspired.com/faq/ -but it is in spanish.

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Ayzu Saki Ayzu Saki
Hello :) I have a question: I don't know if the contest was validated because I saw just 4 stories with the tag and a minimum of 20 was required. Does anyone have any news about that?
December 08, 2018, 17:54
Litalea Draak Litalea Draak
Eu posso mandá-la em português ou é realmente necessário que seja em inglês???
November 18, 2018, 01:00

  • Ayzu Saki Ayzu Saki
    Pelo o que tem ali em cima, tem que ser em inglês :( November 20, 2018, 16:43
  • Riku Absolem Riku Absolem
    O que é bem triste se pensar bem, embora inglês seja fácil. November 20, 2018, 18:24
  • Litalea Draak Litalea Draak
    Disse que também poderia ser em português, mas na hora de inscrever não havia nada separando :/ November 20, 2018, 23:07
Светлана Винн Светлана Винн
((( жаль, что нет английского языка...
November 11, 2018, 10:45