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The time for challenges has arrived. And we bring you a special one. It is about writing a short story of a maximum of 20 words, unpublished, exclusive and created by you. To participate you only have to write the micro story in one of your social networks, and tag us (Ig: @getinkspired - Fb: Inkspired - Twitter: @getinkspired). It is essential that this publication has the same art that we attach below.

The art must contain:

- The 20-word micro-story about the white square that appears there.

- The story's title outside the square.

- Your Inkspired username.

- The tag to one of our Inkspired accounts.


- The art can't be manipulated in any way, just to add the micro-story text.

- Your profile must be open. A profile that is not open, will be disqualified.

- You can participate with up to 5 micro-stories, but you must write one in each art, and you can only win with 1.

- In the text below the post, you must add the hashtag #Microstories and tag 2 friends whom you would like to invite to join Inkspired.

- To participate you must be an Inkspired user. If you're not, you can register for free! But if you participate without having registered, you will be disqualified.

- The micro story must be exclusive of Inkspired, at least for the duration of the challenge.

- The micro-story must be correctly written, following the spelling and grammar rules. If this is violated, it will be disqualified.


- The challenge starts today and ends on Friday, October 26 at 23:59GTM.


- The 3 micro stories with the most likes, will be awarded 10 Reward Credits so they can use or redeem within the platform.

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Светлана Винн Светлана Винн
надо пробовать!!!
October 18, 2018, 19:33