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Tricks to create a great comic

Foto: DePerú21

A comic is also a story, which, for some, is even funnier. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to create a comic book and gain readers. For this, I needed the famous "help from the university students" and Clara, who besides being a writer is also an artist. She was an angel in accepting to talk a little about what she has experience and research on the subject.

These were her suggestions:

1. Do not miss the idea! If it is spontaneous or constructed through reflection, it is important to write it down as soon as it comes. "One of the first things they teach at the Faculty of Arts" is to buy a notebook and always take it with you." Ideas and inspirations often come from the craziest places.

2. Build the storyboard. This is the comic book draft. You can build the whole scheme before you start drawing or working on it together. The reason to build this guide is to avoid getting lost along the way. 

3. Prepare an overview of the comics. This helps to observe details such as the harmony of the positions, angles, possible repeated phrases, etc. It is important that the story is not repetitive or uncomfortable.

4. Create a story about your characters. This means to take note about all the relevant characteristics of each one. This helps to maintain uniformity, without undoing or forgetting any specific feature, and without having to reread all the work to remember it. 

5. Harmonize the texts. The character's talk or the reaction balloons are important, should be clear and visually comfortable. Of course this varies according to each style, but it's worth being careful.

6. Train your stroke. Illustration requires practice and the more you train, the more you evolve and improve your way of drawing.

Remember, he/she who has the desire to improve or awaken his artistic vein, the moment is NOW.

Have you heard about Inktober? If you are an artist or you are surrounded by them, you must have already seen something about this international challenge, which consists of training your drawing/painting skills daily throughout October. Like any challenge, the idea is to make it fun and to help each one to perfect him or herself in what he/she loves to do, as well as to exchange experiences.

Inkspired has not been left out of this. Taking advantage of this artistic month, we have launched a contest and a challenge that are about visual stories.

The challenge is just to participate in the Inktober 2018. And the idea is to publish - every day of the month - different arts in the form of a visual story. The arts must be according with the theme of the official list and the story should receive the #Inktober and # Inktober2018 tags. The most voted - in the chapters - will be highlighted on the official Inkspired website and its social networks.

If you want to know more details of the challenge, enter here and/or participate here.

On the other hand, we also have a contest that goes a little further. In it, the idea is to create an original and exclusive comic, with at least 10 pages, containing both illustration and text. This contest started in September and will end on Sunday, October 21. Until that date, you can edit your story at any time, even if you have already published it. The comic must be published in the comics category, and it must have the #ComicSoon label. In that case, the winning story will be chosen by the Inkspired editorial team and the prize is US$ 50. Of course, you can only participate with comics.

To learn more about the contest, read the bases. And if you want to participate, click here.

To participate, in both cases, it is necessary to go to the Writing Contest page, select its history and click on the "Participate now" button, as in any challenge.

But... Do you know how to publish a Visual Story?

It is very easy and intuitive, but here it is a small tutorial to support it.

First, after clicking on Create a Story, you should choose the category of Visual Story:

Then, the chapter will open and you will have to click on "Upload image", in the
upper right corner.

It is necessary to place the images one by one, and the limit is 30 images per chapter. Once loaded, you can change the position of these when you want, you just have to click and drag the image to the place you think is best. If you need to delete any, you just have to click on the word "Remove" right above it. When you have finished, you can save the chapter and go to the Story Profile, which is the same as the written stories.

One detail: when you close and open the chapter again, the images may appear "incomplete". But don't worry: when you post it, the images will be complete.

By: XixisssUchiha

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