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What goes first, publishing the book or attracting readers?


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Many believe that a successful writing career depends only in the talent of the writer. Even, there are authors who prefer not to work in other areas, like for example sales and advertising.

It is clear that it would be an extraordinary experience, that after spending months or years working on a story, in the end, you simply put it on sale and VOILÁ! You have officially become a famous author. And why not? who has time to socialize when a "bestseller" is being created? Given that all your sacrifice has not been in vain, at the time you publish your book, you think that the impact will be such that you will have to wear sunglasses to go to the supermarket and avoid the crowds. Well, obviously, your book is for sale now.

Yes, how fantastic that would be! Well, except for the part of having to wear sunglasses to go to the supermarket, at least to me, I like the peace of being anonymous of my work. However, in the writing world, remaining anonymous will not take you where you want to go since almost every author seeks is to share his or her art, and eventually become financial rewarded for it. Being a writer is a life's profession.

But the question is: What comes first, the book or the audience?

Many will answer "the book" because without a book there is no author. However, there are those who form their career as authors before they have even published their first book. That’s why authors of these times can market themselves in a versatile and ingenious way.

In the following, you have a list of suggestions and tips that are currently leading modern authors to success, whether you are an independent writer or an author who aspires to be hired by a publishing house, these tips can be a great help for you.

1. Establish a homepage

You can use a website, a blog, or a Facebook page. The important thing is to have a place where you can be effectively found. This must contain the basic information about you, your work (already finished or in-process), and other services that you can offer and of course, a way to contact you.

This will give you credibility and promote you in a professional way. Generally, when someone recommends us a service or product, many of us ask for the web page to check what he or she can offer. This first impression that you get is always important because it will attract you or make you go away. Therefore, make your web page, your cover letter and keep it updated at all times.

2. Use Social Media and create your brand

Social media can be your best ally to let yourself be known. That’s why it is crucial to have a good use of your social network. My advice is that while you make yourself known, you should keep in mind what is the image you want to project and what audience you want to attract. It would be good if you always use the same name and the same profile picture to identify you in all networks. Also if you want to attract people interested in romance, then, looking for them in a "forum" where people prefer cars or horror movies wouldn't be so effective.

In your personal accounts –for example Facebook- never become harassing by talking to people only about your next book, or by asking them to visit your page and read your articles, you don't want to be "unfollowed" or blocked. This doesn't mean you can't share from time to time information about what you do in a certain way, and at the same time, also share about other things, it shows your human side. Show genuine interest in what others do and keep it clear, that the main objective of the social media is to connect people and be sociable. Let them know your story and everything else that goes behind that story. And of course taking into consideration the image you want to project, you decide how open you want to be, and what can affect your professional life.

So, you can share some family photos, but perhaps parting pictures might be in excess. This doesn't mean you don't have a separate life, but that it might be better to create another personal account for it.

In the media that you use more for marketing purposes -for example Instagram or Twitter-, you could share more content daily or several times per week. But also, be aware that posting the same thing every half hour, it might exhaust your followers. Keep always in mind, that the goal is to make your audience see you more often and recognize you.

And if you do not know what else to post, share your experiences, what inspires you, give advices to others that are learning or even share motivational phrases.

3. Help others

If you're passionate about writing, write more, even if you don't have a story that is ready, this will enhance your experience. Team up with others, or support them on their path on becoming the writer they want to be.

Share what you know about writing, publish reviews about other books; this could be done through your Youtube channel, Blog, or writers' communities. For example, here through Inkspired .;)

4. Make yourself known

For many writers, sharing their work is like getting naked. You are showing the world what goes on your head and your deepest thoughts. Why can this be a fantastic experience?

Because the only way to know where you are standing is through feedback. There are even platforms like Inkspired where you can publish your story without even finishing it. Meanwhile, you can ask other writers for advices or constructive criticism. This way you can become a better writer.

5. Be consistent and perseverant

Good stories take time to build. So be patient and consistent. If something is giving positive results, repeat the process. Take note of what works and what doesn't. The only thing you shouldn't do is giving up.

Good writers are made with years of experience and failures. If you only write once a year, or just apply these tips from time to time, it will be difficult to archive your goal’s on the long run. So write frequently, create an authentic plan and pursuit it.

6. Keep learning

Never stop reinventing yourself, improve what you know by getting out of your comfort zone. There is always something new to learn. Keep reading books, promote your creations and hear what experts have to say regarding your work.

Always keep in mind that a growth mindset will help you adapt to changes and stay fresh and up to date. Remember, wise is the one who recognizes that he knows nothing, and the fool is the one who believes he knows everything.

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