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It's clear. Writing and reading are basic tasks. We learned them since we were kids. Now, we do them every day But at the same time, if you want to improve your skills, you need somewhere to go, a goal, a guide. Inkspired has always thought about that and believes it is fundamental. That's why we have brought you two specialized guides to improve your writing and/or reading experience.

Yes, reading too. Sometimes, many people avoid reading because they think they can not concentrate, or it's boring or that they do not perform well. Many read slow. They fall asleep. They abandon stories. And their shelves dust books for days, months, years.

But the problem is not reading. Neither is the reader. But the HOW it is read. And for that, one of the secrets to enrich that experience lies in our guide. Here you will find ways to increase your performance, read faster, and activate that part of your brain that makes the faster you read, the more you understand.

In the same way, writing has its principles. Especially, fiction writing. It is very important that for a story to make sense, first we must define it, give it an order, a good plot, a good title, good characters, and a good outcome. But for this, you must know certain basic things about what it is to write as a writer and practice until you get tired. This will engage your audience.

You can find the Writer's Guide in the Online Academy section, while the Reader's Guide will be available by our Referral Program, in which all you have to do is invite 3 friends to register as new users on Inkspired using your own reference code (For example: https://getinkspired.com/en/register/?ref=your_referral_code). To obtain your code, go to the following link: https://getinkspired.com/en/dashboard/promotions/.

These guides are designed to support anyone to become a writer and/or reader and grow on Inkspired and in life.

Jackie V. Vargas

Content & Regional Manager

Inkspired Team

July 27, 2018, 12:48 p.m. 0 Report Embed 5

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