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#EditorsInkspiration - Poetry is when you are

By: Jackie Vargas
Editor in Chief
Photo: Wall Street Journal

There is something in poetry that makes me lose myself to find me. That connects me with my deepest words. Words that give me unexpected hugs, but that welcome me as the main guest. Words or verses that catch me, fall in love with me, and at the same time give me an incongruous slap, that leaves me somehow inert. Poetry has everything to do with that and with nothing. In it, each word becomes an infinite ocean, where I find myself and my truth.

That is why in reality poetry is the poet, the poet, and his hidden art. And to become one you must feel it. Since I was a child I perceived that artistic connection with letters, because those who have gone through the same thing, know -for sure- that this born in your heart, but comes alive at the tip of your fingers. And there, at the same time, you feel -yes, you feel- that you are gathering parts of you that you didn't even know existed, because writing is that, discovering yourself, but writing poetry even more.

In school, I was one of those girls who lost herself and her attention in her million thoughts, and those eternal thoughts were only released on a piece of paper. I wrote anywhere, without any respect. Sometimes, even on a napkin. And when they sent us the beautiful task of writing a poem, I enjoyed it as a child tasting a chocolate cake.

That's why it is clear that there are things that define a poet:

► That art of finding the creative words to say what you do not dare loudly.

► That game to prove to which word rhymes best, or simply to don't write worse.

► But what also defines us is our mind: full of thoughts that run at 16km/h pace without hesitation. -What sometimes I do not know if it really is a good thing, but that is the beauty of the uncertain.

► We are also characterized by our sensitivity, that ability to feel everything much more than normal. Do not be surprised that in one moment a poet is sad, and in another is jumping into jokes.

► And also, and correct me if I'm wrong, we're the kind of people who feel delighted with phrases, who vibrate with quotes that touch our soul, or even more, that touch our past experiences.

► But do not be fooled, when they mocked you for being dramatic or sentimental. Because, mostly all the time, from the drama, stories get full of life.

To be honest, I do not know if the influence was from my mother if it was her genetics or her continuous recite. But what I know is that the poet is someone born to love and feel alive. <3

Inkspired also has poets voices. Voices and letters to recite. And if you do not believe me, you will see it in their own definition of poetry, which has a lot to praise and take in the count.

"Poetry is expressing in words what can not be expressed in words ... Like breathing in death."

Chris Becerra


"Poetry is transforming tragedy into beauty and beauty into something sublime, it is evoking the most hidden instincts wrapped in an embrace of naturality."

Aura Rodríguez


"Poetry is ... living through senses".

Irv Trinidad


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