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Working at home

Examinations are a regular part of school and university life. Basically, the only is to know how much you know about the subjects. Teachers will teach you all the subjects before your exams but maximum students still get stressed and they are not able to perform well.

There are many tips to overcome from exams fever. First of fall, you have to make a plane how to handle exams and how to learn? A few months before your exam, make a schedule about your subjects, your lessons and everything you need to know. You can make a schedule using examples on also you can find there guides and tutorials, examples of essay and other kind of works. Try to give less time which you know and give extra time which you don’t know. Make proper notes. Aim to finish learning all the modules two weeks before the exam. Take the rest of the time to do more practice papers.

Plan each and every thing before exams like how many questions will the paper have on it? How many of these are you required to answer? How much time do you have in total, and how much does that give you to answer each question? Decide each and everything.

When you get into the exam, read the full questions paper properly. Once you read the question paper then see how much you know. After that, start writing your answer for those questions which you feel most confident about the answer. Make sure you reach a conclusion and summarise what you have written, and then review your work. Remember to check your spelling and use punctuation.

One thing you have to keep in mind that whatever you write has an introduction and a conclusion and makes sense. After you finished your exams, try to avoid discuss with others because there is more than one way to answer a question. If you didn’t know enough, look at how much and how effectively you revised. Did you answer the question? Then forget about the exam and concentrate on the next one, knowing you did your best!

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