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mr_riz_rhymer Riz Rhymer If you like comedy, dark humor, and are a hypocrite racist bastard like most conservative people in the USA(not all), then you can come here and enjoy a Mexican's racist and hateful point of view in a comedy blog format. DISCLAIMER: Nothing here mentioned is said or written with the intention of offending and is pure comedy and humor. We, and I mean "I", do not take responsibility for any lawsuit presented agains this specific blog, any of the stories posted by this profile, or this profile itself. By opening and reading any of the chapters of this blog, you accept that this is pure comedy and humor, and liberate me from any possible legal responsibilities or consequences. That being said, Let's begin!
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Brooooooo, so PATHETIC

Are y'all guys really trying to justify the vandalism and the looting with the death of George Floyd? Are you fucking serious? I mean, I'm not even American, but I know that shit is lame as fuck, becausebrooo, when the fuck have two wrongs ever made a right?!?!?! Srsly, stop trying to justify your stupid actions. Just stop and think for a moment: "A person of my same race THAT I DON'T EVEN KNOW AND HAVE NEVER KNOWN got killed by a mother fucker white supremacist cop, a police officer. I am mad about that. I am gonna loot a store that has nothing to do with the police in form of protest. seriously, stop doing that. You just affect innocent people in a negative way.

Now, to make things clear: I AM INDIGNATED by the murder of George Floyd, which happened in may 25th, 2020. I am sincerely hurt by the fact there are people who can do as they please and won't get any retaliation for their hate-based actions. Believe me, guys, if any black person is reading this, I understand what you feel. I have never been to the USA and been racially discriminated for being Mexican, but I have been racially discriminated for being mexican, by an American citizen, IN MY OWN COUNTRY. I truly know what it feels to be followed around a supermarket by an idiot that thinks you're gonna steal something and that is "checking" on you so you don't steal anything; I know what it is to be calles a Beaner by an American supremacist in my own face in my own country, in my own state, in my own city. I know what it feels to be made less for being from a specific country IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY.

I understand how many black people feel when they face a case of racism-based actions against them, and I truly feel hurt for what is happening over there in your country right now. All of you, black people who are pacifically fighting for justice, you have all my respect and my support, especially the ones being part of that little group of protesters that, even in the middle of a violent environment, they stopped people from entering a store and looting it. Those people who fought against their own people just to do the right thing, deserve no less than all my respect and my support.That is the kind of actions we need in this world. I mean, We need people who understands that fighting each other just because the color of our skin is stupid, not to say idiotic. Treating another human being as less than you just because of their color of skin, just because their race, is below being inhumane. I would prefer somebody to kill me for having a different ideology rather than having a different skin color, because in my ideology I can do stuff that hurts others, and it still is not something sure. TREATING ANOTHER HUMAN BEING AS LESS OR MORE THAN YOU IS NOT HUMANE: IT'S MONSTROUS!!!!!!!!

I hope this conflict comes to an end soon, because a great nation will come to an end if it doesn't.

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Ok... WHAT THE FUCK???!!!

Are you fucking kidding me?!?!?! a fucking bacteria?!?!?!

For those who don't know what I'm talking about, apparently the Italian investigators found out COVID was not a virus, but a BACTERIA!!!! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?!?! All this fucking shitload on society for a fucking bacteria? brooooooo, just flood the cities with dove soap and voilá!!!!! shit's done!!!!!

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Chatroulette: having more dicks than pornhub since it was invented.

Bro, srsly... Why the fuck do guys go jerk off in Chatroulette? What do the expect to get? Tittyflashes? Girls amsturbating with them? NO, FUCKERS!!!! NOOOO!!!!!! Women are civilized!!!! THEY DON'T MASTURBATE IN CHATROULETTE!!!! Women, who are civilized, thinking beings, use Chaturbate, because they can feel pleasure with that, they feel even more horny having people who watch them do it while they(the cam girls) keeps her privacy intact, AND THEY MONETIZE IT!!!

Anyways, That's not what I wanted to talk about. I wanna talk about normal, thinking, civilized people in Chatroulette. I met 3 gringos and one Mexican, but I wanna talk about the 3 gringos: one was just a 20 YO kid that was rolling up a plum of weed and complaining about gradings in school; the other one was a 47YO man who told me an anecdote about one time he got punched in the face by a puertorican because he told him "Hey, cool shirt bro" with sincere words, and how he later on beat up that same guy with the help of his friends, all this happening in a 24h burrito restaurant; the last one was my favorite, because he was a 62YO man that was born in Cuba but came live to the USA with his brother when he was 7. He told me about how he was living through quarantine and how his relationship with his children was. He told me that his son got worked on AMAZON and that he got COVID because supposedly one of the employees under his son's command has close contact with him, but because of the privacy policies of the company, they were not allowed to say who was the one with COVID, until that guy told this man's son and then he knew what happened. The worse part of all of that is that, because he was the last director of the 4 of that department that was still there, he was not allowed to be dismissed from work because of illness, but the good thing this man's son is alright, and they both suppose he's already inmune to the virus thanks to exposure and stuff.

In the end, the story of his life was sad, but at the same time it was full of happy moments.

After clicking the "NEXT" button when we finished our chat, like at 11:00 p.m. , the next thing to appear was a dick at the very moment of cumming. that's gross by itself. It's even grosser when you are eating a glazed donut just like I was doing in that moment.

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Mr. Boomer Remover

Guys, sorry for taking sooooooo long to publish a new chapter in the blog, but FUCK, there are so may things to do lately, so many places to visit, so many people to meet with... NOT!!! I just took too long because I was kinda scratching my balls all along and concentrating in other stories and buisnesses I have. Anyways, I'm back, and it seems, the Boomer Remover came before I did, so let's talk about it:

I FUCKING HATE IT! I'm a fucking hermit, and I don't go out of my house that much. what I truly hate is that I have to get along with the ones that are not home all day long. I HAVE TO GET ALONG WITH PEOPLE WHEN I DON'T WANT TO!!!!!

People were saying that this pandemic would cause two effects on families: either you and your family would come together and love each other even more, or you end up hating each other even harder than before, and that's my case, even before COVID. srsly, COVID is the worst for people like me: antisocial hermits who hate their families, and no, I'm not talking about little discussions like "clean your fucking room" or shit, but shit like "Don't argue or I'll kick you outta the house". THAT kind of shit and hate towards my family is what I have right now.

Anyways, Hope you Gringos are having a nice time with your families, and I also hope this pandemic ends soon so we can return to our normal lives, so we can interact with people we TRUELY LIKE to talk with, so we can return to our international hate. Yes, I say it from the bottom of my heart: I think people today are being hypocritical, because now, while the pandemic is taking place, we all are like "let's support each other. Oh, Mexico, have these ventilators because you need them because you are having a hard time, while my country is #1 in number of infected and dead and I open beaches and streets for public transit again while the pandemic is STILL GOING", but when the cure is found, we'll return to our normal forms of being, and we'll be like "fuck Mexicans, they are just rapists and criminals", and I ain't talking only about USA, but about the whole world. Srsly, let's be honest: would you care for a person you didn't know before COVID after the COVID contingency ends? Because I wouldn't, or at least not in the same way as I did while the contingency.

One last thing about unity and shit: here in Mexico, we are now coming together a little bit, with the capital and states that had conflict with them uniting to survive this catastrophe, but nobody's telling the truth, and if no one does, it's my obligation, my duty, to say so:

CABRONES!!! Even if we say we love you and we care for you, pinches chilangos, QUESADILLAS DO HAVE TO HAVE CHEESE INSIDE TO BE A QUESADILLA, OR ELSE IT'S A PINCHE TACO!!!!!!!!

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