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I would like to tell you how Ccleaner can boost the performance of your computer in just a few clicks. Reading this story you may understand why such tools are so important for your PC.
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Boost Your PC with Ccleaner: Main Benefits of Free Version
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Boost Your PC with Ccleaner: Main Benefits of Free Version

CCleaner from Piriform is a top-notch system optimizing and cleaning tool which will increase the speed and performance for your PC. Its free version is known for a long time now and has powerful cleaning modules as well as powerful privacy protection features. Let's take a look at those things that make this system optimizer standing out from the most similar software.


The free version of CCleaner has a simple installation process without account registration.

After you install it you can run the app. You will be greeted by the Easy Clean screen. This “one-click” module can clean your PC both in quick and simple ways. As the free version of CCleaner does not have automatic cleaning or scheduling support it is nice to see that such a feature is working.

Before using the Easy Clean feature you can open the “options tab” and change the default cleaning settings. Here we can choose exactly how deep to clean the system. We can choose the definite browser to clean, choose which cookies we need to save and what folders we want to exclude from cleaning.

Also, you can use the original Custom Clean for a more customized clean. With the help of this option, you can clean the selected parts of your systems together with the installed apps.

Before cleaning, the Custom Clean will analyze and report on what you can remove and what amount of disk space will be cleaned, you can then optionally press “Run Cleaner” to delete the waste files.

The registry cleaning module is one of the main free Ccleaner features. You can easily scan and clean the whole registry as well as specify what parts you would like to include for cleaning and which ones to exclude.

Finally, CCleaner has several smaller but still very useful and required tools. Lets' take a look at which ones you can try.

Start-up Cleaner

This tool is used to select which applications can start up together with Windows. When you reduce the unnecessary applications starting up automatically and the boots up time will be increased especially if you do not use SSD drive.

Software Updater

Software Updater allows updating the major software package with “one-click”. If you buy the Pro version, all Ccleaner updates will be installed automatically.

Browser Plug-ins

A module that easily allows you to view and optionally enable/disable any plug-ins across all major web browsers.Itis a good add-on if you use Ccleaner on a daily basis.

Disk Analyzer