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Challenge: The Best Story - 1st edition

Within The Author's Cup, the best story will also be awarded in each of the participating categories. This is a "special and optional challenge" for all those who want to be recognized on Inkspired as authors of the best story of the year in its category.

The challenge will start a week after starting date of The Authors' Cup, and will last for 2 months. For this challenge, those who want to participate must:

  • Go to The Authors' Cup page.
  • Go to the section "Challenge: The Best Story", and click on "Participate".
  • Select one or more of the categories that you wish to participate in, and then indicate with which story (among those published by the user) you want to participate in the challenge. The same story can participate in different categories.

Eligible stories that comply with all the terms will be the ones that will be evaluated by the jury. The deadlines to participate with your story will be the following:

  • The start date to participate with your stories is on May 2nd, 2019.
  • The stories will be received until July 14th at 11:59 pm UTC (London Local Time). Stories submissions after this date and time will not be accepted. Please check the time zone changes according to the country where you reside.
  • The jury’s evaluation period will be from July 14th to July 27th.
  • The winners will be announced on July 28, 2019, the winners will be announced.

The best story will be chosen by a specialized jury and the winners will receive special recognition and advantages in The Authors' Cup general competition.

The participating stories that do not comply with the specified guidelines will not be evaluated by the jury, and will be automatically disqualified from this specific challenge.

Terms of the challenge

1) Only those authors who have registered in the The Authors' Cup, and have confirmed their participation in the "Challenge: The Best Story", will be able to participate.

2) The participating stories must be a "new story" and must be from your authorship. Any sign of plagiarism will result in the immediate disqualification of the competition. If the story has been previously published on other digital platforms, on paper or on Inkspired, it will not be considered as a "new story".

3) You can only participate with stories that are exclusive of Inkspired (only published on this platform) and they must remain like that during the whole competition.

4) The participating stories must be novels (or stories with chapters). Short stories will not be accepted. In addition, the story must be already finished; no pilot drafts, single chapters, novels in progress, or incomplete works will be accepted. Stories that demonstrate potential for a sequel (a future volume 2) will have greater consideration. This statement does not apply to the microfiction category.

5) The story must be correctly written, without presenting spelling or grammatical errors.

6) The stories that participate must be created, published on Inkspired, and updated during the competition time. Once the challenge has been announced, you can not change any story that is participating; In case of doing so, the author will get disqualified from the challenge.

7) During this first edition, authors can only participate with stories and novels written in English and/or Spanish.

8) Each author may participate with 1 story per category. The eligible categories are the following:

  • Romance.
  • Fantasy.
  • Thriller.
  • Microfiction.
  • Creative script.
  • Science fiction.

9) The participating stories must not infringe the Inkspired's Community Guidelines or attempt against other users through spam or other forms of harassment on the platform or social networks to take advantage of the challenge.

10) To participate, the stories must have been previously verified. To speed up the process of verifying your story, you can request the Priority queue verification service.

11) The participating stories must remain published for the duration of the challenge and The Authors' Cup in general, and the winning stories must remain published on Inkspired for a minimum of 6 months after The Authors' Cup is over. Modifications to the story are only allowed until the day before the deadline of the challenge.

12) By participating in this challenge, as well as in The Authors' Cup, the writers automatically authorize Inkspired to promote their stories -published during the competition- on the official social networks of the platform.

13) In case that no story meets the minimum standard of 80 points, the challenge "The Best Story" could be declared null (see the higher rating system). No story whose score is less than 80 may be considered a finalist and/or winner.

14) No Jury members and Inkspired staff will be able to participate in this challenge. Inkspired ambassadors can participate.

15) Participation in this challenge means that the user knows and accepts the terms of it.

16) Inkspired reserves the right to modify the terms of this challenge until the official start date of The Authors' Cup competition.

How to participate?

The stories must be submitted through the The Authors' Cup, in the section "Additional Awards - Challenge: The Best Story".

Rating System

  • Stories will be reviewed and scored by an experienced jury of 4 members.
  • The stories will be rated over 100 points. The jury will punctuate each aspect of the story under the following scheme:

Parameters _________________________ Points

Spelling and Grammar __________________ 0-10

Story's development____________________ 0-15

Narrative and tone ____________________ 0-12

Plot ________________________________ 0-15

Clarity and comprehension _______________ 0-5

Style and creativity _____________________ 0-10

Characters' Development ________________ 0-8

Cover picture _________________________ 0-5

Popularity on Inkspired* ________________ 0-15

Potential to become a book series __________ 0-5

The total sum of the parameters in the information table will give a total of 100 points.

* The popularity on Inkspired is measured with respect to the average number of visits in the story, followers, "likes", reviews, and comments that the work obtains in the platform.

EXTRA POINTS: Authors will have the possibility to earn up to 10 additional points if they publish and promote their stories in their respective social networks, tagging @getinkspired (Instagram), or Inkspired (Facebook), or @getinkspired on Twitter using the hashtag #TheAuthorsCup , every time they do it. Each valid publication (per story) will grant them 0.5 extra points, so the more times they share it, the more points they can get. Every author could add up a maximum of 10 points.

How will each parameter be evaluated?

  • Spelling: Are the words correctly spelled, they use the auxiliary signs of the language and respect their rules?

  • Grammar: Does the story have good syntax and punctuation? Does it have a correct use of tenses? Are sentences well structured?

  • Story's development: Does the story present an introduction, a plot and an outcome?

  • Narrative and tone: Is the type of narrator defined and clear? Is the tone in which the story is told coherently with the plot?

  • Plot: Is the main idea clear and is it maintained throughout the story?

  • Clarity and comprehension: Is the language clear, understandable and at the same time communicating? Is the context in which the story unfolds well described and/or researched?

  • Style and creativity: Is the story creative, shows original twists, the characters’ introduction are ingenious and demonstrates the style of the author throughout the work without getting lost in improbable details?

  • Characters' development: Has the appropriate description been established to differentiate which are the main characters, as well as the antagonists and secondary ones?

  • Cover picture: Is the cover creative, original and according to the story?

  • Popularity on Inkspired: This refers to a compendium of interactions and traction among followers, likes, reviews, visits from readers and comments in the story.

  • Potential to become a book series: The novel has the potential to continue to be written and become a book of several volumes and/or chapters

Last update: March 1st, 2019.

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Erin Beer Erin Beer
Quick question: I'm slightly confused when you say it must be published during the Author's cup; does this mean that if I want to use my already published book on Inkspired that I have to take it down and re-upload it once the competition has started or can it stay there and I just enter it when the competition starts?
April 22, 2019, 18:07

  • Inkspired Programs Inkspired Programs
    Hi Erin. If your story was already published in the past, regardless where it was published, it will not be able to participate on the competition. The story has to be new, and created (or at least published for the first time) on Inkspired during the competition in order to participate in the challenges (unless the challenge specifies otherwise). If you have a story on Inkspired, and you delete it (or unpublish it) and you publish it again in order to "qualify" for the Authors' Cup, we will notice and it will not be eligible anyways, so don't do it. May 06, 2019, 13:55