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General rules of the competition - 1st edition

All challenges will be published during the course of The Authors' Cup so that the participants can interact and add the most amount of points and climb to the top of the ranking. Each "challenge" will have different tasks with reward points that will be awarded only if the challenge is completed in its entirety.

Cup Challenges: you can accomplish at any time during the duration of the competition. They will be revealed at the start of The Authors' Cup.

Monthly challenges: that will only be valid within a specific month. They will be revealed at the start of each month.

Flash challenges: that could appear randomly at any time and may last only from hours to a few days. You will need to be quick to snatch them before they disappear!.

The challenges will appear on The Authors' Cup page, and to officially participate in them you should do the following:

* Choose the challenge you want, and click on "Participate."

* Execute the challenge's tasks in the given timeframe.

* Press the "Completed" button once you have completed the tasks of the challenge.

In the event that a participant had forgotten to press the "Completed" button at the end of the challenge, it will not be counted as a completed challenge, and therefore no points will be awarded. Similarly, if a user forgets to press the "Participate" button and performs the tasks of a challenge, it will not count as a "completed challenge" either.

The points won will be automatically added to the individual record of the participants, and at the same time, it will be reflected in the general ranking of The Authors' Cup. We will update the standings of the competition every Monday.

General rules

1) The same author can not repeat the same challenge.

2) Any challenge that is not completed within the established period of time will not count as valid.

3) Inkspired reserves the right to publish any work on its social networks to promote the competition.

4) Texts used by the authors in the different challenges of the competition must not have been published elsewhere before, and they must be of their own authorship. In the case of infringement, the author will be automatically removed from The Authors' Cup and vetoed from Inkspired.

5) Any kind of cheating or cheating during the challenges is forbidden. In case this happens the participant will be disqualified from The Authors' Cup immediately. Inkspired reserves the right to apply sanctions.

6) Stories are allowed in any language, provided they are fiction stories and comply with the Community Guidelines.

7) In case of a draw in the final standings of the ranking, the participants with the most Rewards Credits will be prioritized.

8) Inkspired reserves the right to apply the sanctions in case of detecting an anomaly during The Authors' Cup.

9) Inkspired reserves the right to adjust or modify the competition's rules until just before the official start date of the competition.

10) The competition will only be able to start if more than 100 users are registered prior the start date. Inkspired reserves the right to decide to cancel the competition if we believe we cannot host it with the quality we would like to.

11) Reimbursements on the registration fee for the competition will only be possible in the event of the cancellation of the competition by Inkspired. Other reimbursement claims before, during, or after the event will not be accepted.

12) All awards payments must be done through a PayPal account against an invoice addressed to Inkspired, and all values are subject to a 17% withholding tax.

13) Winners will be announced within a week after the end of the competition, after reviewing the points of all the challenges. At least 50+ points is expected from the winners to be awarded the cash prizes.


Sanctions are a penalty established for those who infringe one or more of the rules of the competition and/or the Community Guidelines. Three levels of sanctions have been stipulated:

  • Low: implies breaking one of the rules of the competition partially and in a non-malicious way to take advantage. The sum of 2 minor penalties will become an Medium penalty.
  • Medium: those that infringe a competition rule. For example: cheating or acts that demonstrate a lack of ethics. The sum of 2 average penalties will result in a Serious penalty.
  • Serious: those that drastically violate the competition's rules and Community Guidelines. For example: plagiarism, attacking other authors, jury members or Inkspired's staff through texts or images and, in general, creating a conflict environment within the community. Committing a serious infraction will involve the immediate expulsion of the The Authors's Cup.

All penalties are subject to deduction of points in the general ranking of the equivalent challenge up to a maximum of twice of the points earned in the challenge on which the user has been sanctioned. The sanction in no case can leave any individual user's score in less than 0 points.

Last update: May 1st, 2019.

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