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The One Lame Morning That Changed A Lifetime Perception Reading Software

I’ve never been an a student in history class but just an average one who would sit down and listen to my professor’s litany and find myself absorbing Colonial Period, Civil War Era, World War II, Cold War and a lot of other significant happenings in the olden times in one sitting. Although it’s pretty interesting to learn all about these timelines, I just find it difficult to grasp and learn all these information pressed into my brain. And so, the rest of my history in history class became one dull 60-minute agony for more or less two years of my life. I didn't like learning about the french revolution.

That one afternoon changed the whole way I thought about history. Although it was an uneventful day with loads of paper works and readings to accomplish, our professor perhaps came that day with something interesting enough to tickle and challenge our brain cells. "Is there a chance that history can repeats itself"? My teacher questioned us expecting the normal quiet that follows. As one would expect all we gave was a blank stare back at the prof, but at least we looked interested. But it was only then that I began to question myself, “Does history really repeat itself”? I took a look at the holocaust and saw a pattern, it was eerily similar to that of the revolution timeline.

Our professor had given us points to ponder. The social issues we discussed in history class over the last several weeks brought us to our answers. He illustrated his point by referring to past presidents. Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States had been elected for Congress in the year 1846. Alternatively John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States had his position in the Congress in the year 1946 exactly 100 years ago when Lincoln was elected. These facts do not stop the similarities and likeness of paths these two presidents led. Lincon was elected in 1860 which was close to 100 before John F. When Kennedy took power as the new president it was 1960. Apart from these facts, these two presidents encountered the same major crisis in Civil Rights and finally, both were assassinated in their terms of service as president and both on a Friday.

I ask myself if everything that happened was just a coincidence? My prof made me look even more scrupulously with help editing dissertation at past events and do my own in depth analysis. He then asked the question once again "Do you believe that history repeats itself"? I had an answer ingrained in my brain that history does not repeat itself. There were some things similar between these two, but it is likely most of them are just coincidence as opposed to some alignment of the stars. That big of info really makes one think about how the past still can haunt the present, this repeating of mistakes shows us people's susceptibility to repeating past mistakes.

I knew at the second that what I said was at least partially correct. I saw my professor’s face lit up and that’s enough for me to know that my wild guess is acceptable and that he might as well believed in my viewpoint. That experience made me more interested in the subject as I am now able to understand that I’m one of those silent beings taking part in the history of the world, the history of our lives and existence.

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