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“But I don’t know what to write!”

The great thing about using a decent structure, and the reason I’m emphasising it so much, is that it helps you to write an essay even if you’re not sure what to talk about. Someone without good history knowledge might read the essay title used in the example above and wonder how they were ever going to fill a side of A4 paper. Writing a plan like the one above (which doesn’t take any detailed knowledge or study) and structuring your essay with key themes and topics, means you can write an intelligent response while only using a fairly basic understanding of the subject matter.

At all times, you need to remember that you’re trying to put together an argument. Whatever the essay, your structure should show – right from the introduction through to the conclusion – that you’re using appropriate evidence to be able to come to a certain point of view.

Imagine if you had to write an essay on a ridiculous topic – say, “Examine the impact of unseasonable weather conditions on a postman’s round”. Of course you can cheat by using help of top essay writing service and get the highest mark. Because, how on earth would you put together 2000 words on that? By using a sensible structure. You’d introduce the essay, then examine what a postman does, then perhaps describe some of the weather conditions which might affect a postman’s ability to do his job – and only then would you move onto what the essay was asking for – the impact of the weather on the postman doing his job.

What this rather silly example goes to prove is that the use of structure can really make a big improvement to your essays. And if it can help you write a clever response to a made-up topic like the one above, imagine what a big difference it could make to a sensible essay on a real topic.

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