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inkspiredofficial Inkspired Official Community Guidelines for writing, publishing and behaviour between members / Reglas comunitarias para escribir, publicar, y de comportamiento entre miembros.

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Community Guidelines
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Community Guidelines


Welcome to Inkspired.

In Inkspired we want to make you feel, as a writer, at home, and also that our readers receive safe and quality content for what they are looking for.

Inkspired is formed by creators, writers and readers with the same passion for storytelling, and we want to offer you the best experience. Because of this, here we have our community, content and behavior guidelines that every platform user must respect and follow. Failing to do so could be penalized.

Copyrighted content

Do not publish stories that do not belong to you. As stipulated in the Terms of Use of Inkspired, it is strictly forbidden to publish stories that are not of your own authorship or infringe copyrights. In the event that a user detects a plagiarized work, he/she can report it using the "Report story" link located in each story's profile; you can also report it to one of the ambassadors at; or you can contact us directly to [email protected] with your complaint.

Handling types of content with sensitive topics

Violence / Aggressions. Stories that actively promote in positive light any kind of violence and aggression towards others, especially through any kind of discrimination, have no place on Inkspired and will therefore be banned.

Sex. If a character of 16 years or older is shown with the mental faculty to have sexual relations with one equal to their age or older, and both parties agree, it is allowed as long as the notice of age rating is marked as either "For over 18 only" or "For over 21 (adults) only". Stories involving explicit sex with minors of 15 years old are prohibited.

Sexual harassment and violations. Regardless of the character's age, this act should not be shown as positive , permissive or glorified. The story will have to have a narrative justification of why it uses this resource and some solution. It is forbidden to involve children under 15, whether justified or not. This content should also carry the reading warning for those over 18.

Philes. They are allowed as long as those involved are over 18 years old, not a plot with the sole intention of exciting the reader, and do not show as an example to follow. If a story contains any philia, it must be justified with a narrative plot, in addition to using the content notice for those over 18.

Pornography in any form. Whether it's a graphic text, visual content or audio, this is forbidden. Scenes with sex and nudes are allowed as long as the guidelines defined above are followed under the literal "sex" and categorized in the "Erotic" category. Fanfiction is an exception, which subcategory must be PWP.

Hate stories. We do not allow stories that promote hatred or show themselves as a solution; it includes discrimination by xenophobia, racism, classism, homophobia, and so on.

Self-injury, Self-harm and suicide are prohibited when they are shown as a solution to problems, escape method, fun, or any format with the intention to promote it. In every case, the involved character must be over 16.

Quality. All content produced and published on Inkspired must be written with the highest spirit of committing to a good quality and original content. This area is very subjective and is not subject to sanctions unless there are extreme cases that show that what has been tried to publish is not a work of any kind of fiction or have grammatical and orthographic errors at levels that make it unreadable. On Inkspired we make constant revisions of our content through our verification system, and those works that are identified as of high quality will be available to us to help them gain more exposure.

Community behavior

Maintain respect among users in every interaction on the platform.

Do not spam other people's stories, community groups, or wherever there is an interaction between users. Promoting your work occasionally is not bad, but being a repeat offender in an abusive and repeated way can break this rule.

Avoid harassing others to read you.

Use the communities correctly, following the rules described in each of them.

Do not share personal or third-party information.

Take care of the image you use as a profile, avoid those that are susceptible such as explicit sexual images, gore, etc.

Do not promote other platforms to obtain benefits. That is, do not upload content to ask to be read elsewhere, promote stories that participate in external competitions to support you, or request payments through platforms other than Inkspired's internal payment methods. You can have your stories on other platforms without any problems, but do not use your Inkspired account or your stories on the platform to publish incomplete stories forcing your readers to go to another website or app to finish reading them or buying them.

Do not abuse the "Report Story" or "Reviews" option. Reviews and false and abusive reports, so that it can be judged as an attack on another author, can be sanctioned by Inkspired. The authors who receive many reports will be investigated and first consulted with them directly, before any action.

Do not lie about your age to access mature content. Doing so is a serious offense that may cause your account to be suspended.

Do not publish spam content such as advertising products or services through text, video, audio, or images. Content that is classified as spam or advertising will be banned and its account might be suspended.

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May 04, 2023, 05:25
KF Karis Faith Hamner
Hey how do I share story’s privately ?
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Belezura então!🗿🍷
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Hey I'm new and was hoping to gain followers. I am nervous about people not liking what I write. I've always written little story's since I was a kid and I've always loved to read. If you want you can check out some of my writings on my profile 😁
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In case I am unable to publish my chapters what do I do
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Hi, would it be okay to mention characters under sixteen having suicidal thoughts? Not actually committing suicide, just having suicidal thoughts?
December 04, 2022, 17:41
Dylan Frendo Dylan Frendo
I saw this line when trying to start a new book, "99 chapters left" when I was making the first chapter as a draft. Does this only pertain to a 99 chapter limit on draft chapters, or are our stories limited to 100 chapters? If so, I need to know, cause I expect to reach above 200.
October 19, 2022, 01:33
Marilyn Lindoor Marilyn Lindoor
I write horror and scary stories is there a limit on what I can write as far as violent acts and gore? Say for example like Stephen King level ?
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Very nice a little sad that i vouldnt add all of the things for my OC Damain but great. I wold also be super grateful for followers >♡
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Gut zu wissen was verboten und erlaubt ist Ich bin übrigens auch noch neu.
January 29, 2022, 11:19
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