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artemis-dee Artemis Dee Spiritual healing is the process of letting go of everything you aren’t in order to embrace what you are. It’s a path that leads you to uncovering the divinity that exists within yourself. And it’s a journey rooted in connection: connection with others, with love, with the universe, and with your own soul. For each of us, spiritual healing is a journey that brings us back home to ourselves when we’re feeling lost. It’s often a process of releasing, embracing, expanding, transforming, and sometimes just being. And it’s a reminder that you are your own greatest healer. You are your greatest guide. The answers you seek are always within.

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The Perfection and Giver of Peace

Salaam comes from the root seen-laam-meem, which points to three main meanings. The first main meaning is to be peaceful, content, and tranquil. The second is to be free from imperfections, and the third main meaning is to be safe, secure, and well.

Allah calls Himself As-Salaam— The Giver and Source of Peace, The Perfection — on one occasion in the Quran. He is the One who is the source of all peace and safety. As-Salaam is perfect and whole and He is the only one who can bestow safety and security as well as inner peace!

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The Absolutely Pure

This name is another attribute of Allah which conveys the meaning, the sense of purity, and the freedom from all sorts of drawbacks, faults, flaws, defects, and blemishes.  Allah is the Perfect, Holy, Supreme Being Who will remain forever.  Allah is the Perfect Holy because He is above all human weakness.

Allah will liberate from anxiety the hearts who repeat this name every day 100 times.

Al-Quddus is the equivalent of the attribute mukha-lafatun lil-hawadith.  He is the Creator “bearing no resemblance to the created.”    This is one of the five qualities that indicate the non-resemblance of Allah to anything.

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The King and Owner of Dominion

Malik, come from the root maa-laa-kaa, which points to three main meanings. The first main meaning is to have possession and ownership. The second is to have power and ability and the third main meaning is to control and have authority.

Allah calls Himself Al-Malik— The King and Owner of Dominion— on five occasions in the Quran. He is the King, the owner and ruler of the whole creation. Al-Malik gives authority to whomever He wants in this world, and He has supreme authority and is ruled by no one!

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The Bestower of Mercy

Allah calls Himself Ar-Raheem— The Bestower of Mercy, The Most Compassionate— on 93 occasions in the Quran, 112 times in the basmalah. Ar-Raheem is the One who bestows His continuous mercy on all of creation and who bestows even more grace and greater rewards in response to the good deeds of the believers!

Ar-Raheem Himself says: He said, O Muhammad, inform My servants that it is I who am the Forgiving, the Merciful [Quran, 15:49].

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