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krisshb krissey Headley This book serves to empower the readers so that they can make their own choices and not necessairly conform to societal norms. It serves to renew the mind to think in a new way and to question what you have been taught and told all of your life. The book explores questions that we ask but never get answers for and questions that have never been asked that need to be asked. If you are seeking truth and the meaning behind the question why, this book is a good place to start. In your exploration you must unlearn and relearn in order to live your happiest and most fulfilling life. The book also follows the life of a woman who has the same questions that many have and her pursuit to find answers. 0 reviews

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Social Norms

The Beginning

We must question things.


When we think of what is expected of us and what we must do to get ourselves from point A to point B it can drown out who we really are and what we want to pursue. Society pushes and pulls from the moment we were conceived. It tells us to be a lawyer, get married by twenty five and have kids by thirty. Who are we to go against traditions that seem to be timeless? While a lot of these are put in place as a guide, it is essential to our very existence to trod the path that we choose.

... From the very moment Marjorie was conceived, her mom and dad had great plans for her. She would start school at age two, attend the best private schools and become a lawyer. Everything was already put in place, the goal now was to keep little Marjorie alive and on the right path. That way she would be easily accepted into society and her life would be something to be proud of.

There is nothing wrong with that, except we should create our own lives as individuals.


Do you ever wonder how certain things got their names? Why is a table called a table and why is a fan called a fan? Why do some items have more than one names, like why is alcohol also called spirit and why is a couch also called a sofa? Many of the things we know today were passed down to us over time and we simply accept them. Why do we accept them though? Because one person or a group of people decided that this is what it should be so then we chose to take it and run with it. Does that mean we can coin names and expressions for ourselves? I mean, that is what everyone else has done. We are currently using words and terms that never existed before because someone sat down and decided to make them a thing. Now some of these very words are used to offend or celebrate people. Since they are so powerful then we should take a look at how these words came into being. Try to figure out the root what and why we have alternative words that probably could suggest something entirely different from what we thought them to be.


Have you ever wondered why we are constantly being flooded with media content at every angle? There is so much going on at times that we cannot even think. We let them think for us. Do you really need that extra pair of sneakers or do you really want to eat at that overpriced restaurant? It might set you back one hundred dollars this month but at least you will get that instant gratification. Why do you need that instant gratification? Oh, right, it will make you happy; Just like the guy in the advertisement. If you have not figured it out as yet, popular media targets you on a daily basis. You are their biggest consumers. Everything that they do is to get you to buy something from them. Check your TV, the internet, the bus driving by, that billboard above your head and that flyer you just received. You are literally being bombarded to have these things that will make you happy. For now. The next time you decide to make a purchase, ask yourself if you really need this item. Sometimes you have to tune out the noise in order to better focus.


This is the institution that gave rise to our modern day society. Here, you are taught how to think, feel and react. You are governed by a system that has already predetermined your future and who you will be. What were we doing before we went to school? Our ancestors seemed quite well off without going to school. Their family structure was well intact and each individual had a role to play. If we have social institutions that are essentially telling us how to think and what to do, then what does that make us? I think that is one question that you can answer for yourselves. Yes, it is a noble institution that has produced some really bright minds and awesome areas of research but let us be frank about this. All the things that we know today was already known by our ancestors. They did all the discovering and laid the foundation. They thought outside of the box. They were inventors and seekers. Everything that we know now was already known and established. What we are doing today is modernizing everything and adding to an already established idea. Have you ever wondered why it is that we cannot create or think of anything new? It would seem as if everything has already be discovered or created but the truth of the matter is that it has not. When your mind is programmed to think and operate one way, it is quite difficult to go beyond that. It is for this reason that we must unlearn what we have been taught and let the mind develop without traditional interference.


Yes, people talk and you know what? They have been doing that since the beginning of time. As humans we have the tendency to push our ideas forward and in a lot of cases we expect others to accept what we say. Some will go a little bit further and tell you to put them into practice as well. If you can think for yourself on the basis of what is right versus what is wrong then you can surely make your own choices. Consider who you are becoming because of the people around you. Are you being your best self? Are these relationships making you a better person? Sometimes you have to tear yourself away from what people’s expectations are. Most certainly they will think of you a certain way, as they do with everybody else. Keep in mind that your life should not be governed by what people think of you. If you allow that to happen you hand over your worth and your rights. Aim to be unique. There are far too many replicas running around. Be authentic, it sets you a part.

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