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Distortion Of Reality - A Lyrical piece of poetry


A). A mental view or prospect.

B). A visible scene.

C). The capacity to view things in their true relations or relative importance.

Now that we have some clarity,

on how things are perceived.

Let's examine how visual data

is processed when it is received.

Thousands of neurological processes

in the blink of the human eye.

When logic centers start to decrease,

our thoughts can go awry.

So much of us depends on theory,

environment and history.

It's interesting, we are all learning,

yet so many others are not like me.

Style, and fashion.

What is your passion?

Is your personality made up

by the things that you buy?

Plenty of cash on hand?

Do you ration and plan?

What may seem irrational,

may be the right thing to try.

Some people's heads are in the sky,

while others are buried in sand.

Some chase the dollar for that

Corporate high and

some just play in a rock n roll band.

Concrete and steel, changing the feeling

you get when you come from the trees.

Ask me what's real, my head is reeling

from a system that's bringing the

world to it's knees.

Are you the one with blinders on,

A spiritually broken horse drawing

a rickety cart.

Do you care if it's all soon gone?

Eventually this force that's gnawing,

kills the sickly heart.

Is your home your reality, while

the outside world is just a game.

Distorting all you hear and see,

Are those that lust for power and fame.

Has a corporation told you what

you need, and how to talk?

Has a corrupt nation sold your butt

as Wall Street trading stock?

Have you bought into the Land Master's

lie, if you buy it, it belongs to you?

Do you believe even half the things

the media says, are even somewhat true?

Well I've got news for you.

More news at 11:00.

'You cannot have one foot on

this world, and the other foot

in heaven.'

Religion is from trying to understand

spiritual things with the human mind.

A true relationship with The One & Only,

Is the one and only Truth you may ever find.

I've said it once before, I know, in a

prior writing I have done.

Don't let the dog shit where the food

grows, and do not stare at the sun.

When common sense is lacking,

and intelligent people have to flee.

Demons are attacking, and

Distorting our Reality.

While bombing tents is practicing

for wars that should not be.

Pay homage to the actors in

this Distortion of Reality.

Written by: Michael Taylor

August 29th. 2021 ©

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