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After meeting a most powerful man with the ability to return lost memories, I played my part and he returned precious past memories to me that had been suppressed. As my life changes from the past into the future, I have no choice but to deal with it as time passes. I just hope... this isn't just another dream.

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Unkept Dreams

For as long as I could remember, I was food, mere prey in a world of hunters and predators. I was prey and quite the flavored, for I was a discarded and lost Dragon Maiden. I’d been passed along from one creature to another and then, one night, I was bought and brought to the Coven of Prayers, the place innocents like myself thought as the holy land filled with the wealthiest and powerful.

I was wrong.

I sat in a bathtub, cleaning my body, preparing myself to meet one of the Coven heads, when a creature appeared behind me. He bit into my neck and euphoria shot through my body. I shuddered, but it was too late. Right after he sank his teeth into me, the rest of him followed.

I don’t claim to be an unwilling victim because it was nothing close to forced sex. Some men prepared the surprise approach, so I knew better than to struggle. After all, I’d been bought for the Coven of Prayers. They owned me and I was meant to serve them. There was no fight because I had no will.

That night, I was taken from the bath tub to a large circular bed, covered with soft blankets and pillows, and the hard body of a strong male who wanted nothing more than to take all of me, devour me, and render me senseless. And at the climax of all my pleasure, when all my emotions and thoughts were wrangled and twisted to nothing, he bit me once more, sending me over the edge into pleasure I’d never known and warmth my insides melted with.

I’m not sure how many times we were intimate, but each time, he filled me before pounding himself into me. And then, when he ordered me to encourage him with sounds of how I feel, I let out moans and gasps that he enjoyed and upon my own climaxes, I cried out and he rewarded me with kisses.

Each time I woke during the night, it was because he woke me to make love to me. And then, each time he bit me, I couldn’t help but moan, the euphoria taking me to new heights of pleasure. And though I often blacked out after our, at times rough and at time gentle, encounters, I didn’t know how much time passed before I wondered what else this room had other than a large bed in it.

One thing I learned for certain, based on what I managed to ask him and what his thoughts told me was that, the Coven Master had claimed me as his and night after night, he ravaged my body, his essence intertwined with mine, and his soul devoured me.

My existence was for his purposes. My duty was to love and adore him. My freedom was his to deal with as he willed it. His bed was my nest. His arms were my protection. My body was for his pleasure.

I had nowhere to go, no one to be with, he was my everything.

I couldn’t remember from whence I came from. There are dreams of happy days and warmth on my skin. The city of Turripida was my next home. There was no warmth there, only darkness and cold. I don’t remember my parents, nor do I remember much of how I got there.

As a child, I was taught to beg on the streets of Turripida with some other kids who I met. I, soon, found that doing tricks and performing helped us earn more money than just begging. I started singing with some accompaniment with my friends. Those days weren’t so bad.

At some point, I grew old enough for the brothels to want me. I was bought from someone and forced into a more sensual servitude. With another few young women, we were ensured of our health and age, groomed all day before sent to warm the beds of nobility and those of higher ranks.

I once encountered a young prince who asked to buy me from my owner. He was delightful but my owner declined. Apparently, I was worth more because of the pale exotic look of my skin tone, which seemed to glow at times. The prince tried to sway me just to go with him, but I was locked in a room for days. When he finally left, without me, my owner told me that if he truly wanted me, he would have offered more money or tried harder.

My owner wasn’t a cruel woman, but greedy. She was careful to cover any marks on my skin with glamor and forced me to claim an inheritance with the princesses of the east. How a princess could come to be sold, I couldn’t fathom. So, when others asked of my origin, I simply told them I wasn’t sure, but it was somewhere warm and bright.

I was beat a few times for telling the truth. But, when the request for my company, not just in the evenings, grew, my owner stopped punishing me. Instead, she sent me out as the companion of lonely males who attended functions. I was allowed to read books and learn more about the topics the men liked to talk about. My owner, iften, told me I worked too hard for their affection.

Personally, I enjoyed learning and reading. I felt a personal satisfaction in it and hoped to be as useful as possible. My image changed a bit, for the better, but men still wanted the other pleasures, and I couldn’t say no because my owner couldn’t say no.

Once, I met some ladies who were with some of the nobles that lived in the Coven of Prayer. I was surprised by their beauty, strength in demeanor, and the respect they treated their companions. When I asked how they managed to be with them, they told me they were the wives not just companions.

A wife. Something, I was sure, I would never know the meaning of.

My owner loved making money off me. She told me I would stay with her till I died. And I believed her. Which was why, I started relaxing and accepting my fate. I mean, only in my dreams did I belong to myself. When awake or serving my owner, I simply told myself it was my duty and future.

Even if I tried to fight it, it was simply pointless. I knew that, without the help of someone else, I would never get away from my owner. And, since I was too afraid to misbehave, my owner kept me locked up when I was not working. I was given simple foods, endless books, and no one to talk about going elsewhere with.

To be honest, I feel like my owner kept me away from the other girls as much as possible. She didn’t want me thinking about being a wife or having children. She did everything she could to keep me from men who, eventually, fell in love with me. The price was always too high for them to pay. And I hadn’t the strength to leave my owner.

But, finally, someone else owned me.

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