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The Invisible Starting Line
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The Starting Point that could never be seen.

With the notion that their is a starting point, but unable to find it, becomes very discouraging. By taking one step and glancing around, was this step wasted again? The line that I seek is never near, nor far, it's just not visible. But when it will make itself apparent? So much is building up within myself that wants to be let out, but always held back due to my own nature of not finding the starting line. Is the starting points absolutely necessary? Do I need to start at a specific point or can something be let out and continue'd from that point on?

Some rather difficult issues, within myself unfortunately, that holds me back from expressing myself. Among other chains that have been shackled to me throughout the years. The main hindrense is the thoughts within my own head that need specific milestones achieved before things can be set in motion. But it doesn't need to be that way. The starting point is where you start from yourself, and build upon. It's not necessarily something you can seek out, in most cases. The starting point is within yourself, you just need to realize it.

The starting point that can never be seen is all about the perception of where the starting point is. How you view yourself and where you want to start your story. Here's hoping for the best on the release of my own thoughts and stories that have been trapped within the darkest depths of my being.

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