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Yanique Leslie
It's a love story with a little twist at the end and also how I started dating my crush.
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High school boyfriend

I met him and rainy Friday afternoon. I was standing under a little shead waiting for a taxi to go home with a friend of mine. while we were there waiting this guy came up and stated talking to her after a fee minutes has pass this other tall fair complexion handsome guy came along and ask the guy who I was then the guy told him that I was this katty friend. After that he started telling the guy that he like me and so the gud told him that he should tell me himself cause I was standing right there. Meanwhile the continue taking to the girl. while he was standing there talking to the guy I was stearing at him. So from that day forward we stated going out on date. The fallowing Monday morning when classmates slash friends saw me talking to him. Their expression was like "wow he's so cute, where did you guys meet." I told them they were all happy for me. After that everything was good between us. We will meet in the auditorium and hanging out ofter school and so forth. Untill caught him spitefilly standing underneath my classroom window with a girl from my cosmology class flirting and so I dumb him. On that same day he have the heart to come and talk to me telling me that there were nothing happening and that they where just friends. Like I was born yesterday huh. After a couple of days pass including that very same weekend. The next day I was in my class crying my eyes out because I couldn't believe I fall for a jerk like that. Anyways few days later the came to talk to me and I let him because I still have feelings for him. So let him say what he wanted. That he said he was so sorry, he never meant hear me and that everyone deserve a second chance and I felt for it. I let him in again and for a long while after that everything was great and going awesome. Until one day he screw it up and this time for good and for the first time I feel free. After that we bout moved on and I was happy to do do. I was all in to my school work. Until my crush came up to me one day and he asked me out. So for the remaining years though out high school. I started going out with my crush. While dated my crush life was fantastic though out for a while. until time end of high school space and life take over. so after he graduated and a little time pass I haven't seen nor hear from him ever again.

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