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Small Series

Hey readers,

I know I took away A Secret Love Affair but I do have a reason behind it. My dad always told me to start out small so this is what I am going to do every 50k or little over for Paige & Sienna, I will be making another book for it. I am not doing this to be cruel or anyone to dislike me but this helps me keep the story line the way I want it too and hopefully make A Secret Love Affair a full on Novel.

With that being said, I hope you all continue to follow on my journey of books and stay with me through it all.


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Story Behind Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After is based on a falseness relationship that I ended up marrying a woman on IMVU. Yeah, that site, trust me as a thirty year old, it isn't for me, and I have since found where I belong for the better with two to three of my closets best friends. I should know better than to be a desperate woman who craves attention but hey, we all get that way. Anyways, I met Sierra/Celeste out of the blue through a club on IMVU yeah, surprisingly she goes by two names. We hit it off good and everything is fine until she decides to go back to her ex on IMVU, great, grand, fabulous that is one in the gut because I actually liked her. Several months later she is back in my life, married, and so forth better late than never right because I never been married on IMVU. In between all that drama stirs, friendships fall apart, and so forth what is new that is IMVU drama bullshit, so yeah a month goes on my wife never shows me her real self that boils me badly, I love a real woman that I can see as a part for my life not book related of course, I just love to see who I am with, who doesn't. Red flags alerted me and I bailed that marriage quickly. Along the way more drama stirred and this is where I am at.

In the end: I did finish this book instead of leaving it in the dust. To my past friends on IMVU that still are reading this, I hope you enjoyed this, and Sierra or whatever your true name is or who you really are. I love you but not the way you treated me. As for the others, I will not name names it would be cruel but I hope you found your true happiness and fixed the problems that needed fixing. For my new IMVU group of friends that are around while writing this, well PaigeSnow isn't returning since their is problems as well so for now, I am sticking to my best friends, writing career, and most of all if someone finds me, well they know I am an author.

Love to all my close friends that I have made over time.

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Their Is No Right Or Wrong Way!

Writers & New Authors,

If a book you are writing has a good flow or something belongs in the book set it free write it in that book itself. Their is no right or wrong way for us to tell stories as long as you are expressing to the readers your emotions they will understand and see to it that it belongs in the book. I had to learn this about HEA2 I was afraid of writing a scene because I had no idea how anyone would take it for one it is illegal and two I would never encourage it but it belongs in the book. You have to learn to engage your audience even if the scenes stand out awkwardly.

Writing books is a privileged a lot of us enjoy and stepping out of our comfort is never a bad thing either. We can do this no matter our struggles. Write, write, write and write!


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Lesson With Clinging To Love

Clinging To Love taught me how to use multiple characters, granted that book is hated but it taught me how to really reevaluate my characters and how to sort them properly with each POV instead of all in one. Lessons are meant to be taught that is what learning is and my books have all taught me things especially being an Author.

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