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Inkspired levels up!

Inkspired levels up!

Hey there, wonderful community!

I am absolutely thrilled to share some fantastic news with all of you. As of today, Inkspired has undergone an upgrade, bringing you a faster and more powerful home that is geared toward serving you even better!

But what does this mean exactly? Well, while you might not notice any "visual" changes on the website or our mobile apps, you will definitely "feel" the difference. We've been hard at work on everything related to the "behind the scenes", upgrading the core of our platform and its servers. This upgrade translates to enhanced speed and performance for Inkspired. In simpler terms, you won't have to worry about sluggishness during peak hours anymore, which we know has been a bit frustrating over the past couple of months.

These improvements are incredibly exciting for our community, as reading, writing, creating, and interacting will now flow seamlessly and faster than ever before. To celebrate this milestone, we're offering a 25% discount on the Premium PRO monthly and annual subscriptions exclusively to the first 20 members who reply to this message.

We truly appreciate your patience and your invaluable presence in this community. We're eagerly looking forward to connecting with you on our (virtual) campus. Don't forget to drop us a message on our Discord server!

Warmest regards,


Inkspired's CEO

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Announcing Inkspired 2.7

Announcing Inkspired 2.7

Dear Inkspired community,

We are excited to announce the release of our new mobile app version 2.7 today on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store! On the eve of an upcoming major product announcement the next month, 2.7 arrives fixing all known issues that have affected the performance, usability, and overall experience of the app plus adding up major improvements and better design. We have also made improvements to the reading experience by adding new fonts, and styling options and fixing the big gaps between paragraphs. You can also now enjoy a smooth and optimized Offline Reading experience of up to 3 stories at a time in the Free Plan, or unlimited in our Premium Plans.

We are also thrilled to introduce our new support and translation to the Turkish language 🇹🇷 which will benefit our more than 20,000 native Turkish-speakers community members. As a reminder, you can always change the content language (and the UI's) anytime from the Inkspired Logo on the main screen of the app or by going to Preferences > Account. Furthermore, we have added fast QR codes to invite friends and receive benefits as rewards, and more options for experience customization from your settings.

We listened to your feedback and brought back the marking chapter's "already read" feature. It was disabled two weeks ago because it affected performance. But now, you can resync the reading history again and have full control of your reading progress.

In addition, we are pleased to inform you that you can now submit a Guest Post article for our Writer's Blog in English, Spanish, or Portuguese, which are blogs that, among them, they have more than a combined 550,000 followers. Finally, you can also enjoy further integration of the Inkspired Wallet and Rewards Credits purchases on the Inkspired Store and Self-publishing services.

We are committed to providing you with the best user experience, and we are proud of our growing community. Update today and let us know what you think, or join our Discord community and contact me directly.

Download Inkspired 2.7 for Android.

Download Inkspired 2.7 for iOS.

Thank you for being a part of Inkspired, and we look forward to continuing to serve you in the best possible way.

Best wishes,

Galo A. Vargas

CEO Inkspired.

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Year recap plus our new Inkspired v2.6

Year recap plus our new Inkspired v2.6

Hello there, dear Inkspired community members.

Once again we approach our routine "end of the year" recap at Inkspired, where we look back and see how much we have accomplished in this rollercoaster year. This time though, we will put it together with the announcement of the new Inkspired 2.6 mobile apps available right in time for the holidays, in the App Stores.

I believe this year has brought a lot of new things and changes to the Inkspired world, and we are so proud to have been able to deliver what was long overdue in our mobile experience; especially taking into account how small our product team is. This year we have released major versions of our apps that saw them combine (finally and belated) the writing and reading experience in one single app, plus 3 other major releases with some groundbreaking features for reading and writing online. All of that, without counting what is arriving today as we announce our latest upgrade.

Before continuing, we want to take a minute to thank you all for being part of Inkspired; all of you who are writers, readers, artists, Premium subscribers, BETA readers, ambassadors trainees, seasoned ambassadors, our new Discord community members, writing contests participants (and now topping the leaderboards), our best-sellers and also everyone who have helped along the way, especially Ricardo who have helped me vastly in the app front throughout all previous releases. You guys have made this community grow every day, and also different made it from others in many languages; you have made it Inkspiring. Thank you.

So, without further ado, we will introduce you to what's new in our latest release: The Inkspired 2.6 mobile.

1.- We are introducing Reward Badges & Collectible Cards for the first time. This, by itself, will have a separate blog post with a proper description earlier next year when the website also supports them, but at the moment they are uniquely available in our mobile apps. Reward Badges are cards (badges) that you will earn through your use of our platform. Whenever you achieve a milestone on Inkspired (like increasing your Rewards Level, becoming a BETA reader, or getting a threshold of followers) you will earn a nicely designed badge to show off in your public user profile.

On the other hand, Card Collectibles are artistic cards designed by our community members which can also be available for sale. Authors can create cards about their characters or things related to their stories, and sell them in our new marketplace so their fans can collect them, and some of them could be limited in special editions too! Likewise, readers can also create their own cards to gift to their favorite creators and writers as a token of gratitude; in both cases, the cards gotten by someone will be shown in their Collection on their user profile. Collect 'em all! how cool? We are inviting all artists to start creating their unique ones! We will talk more about this new feature in the following weeks.

2.- We have fixed major bugs from the previous version, which include fixing issues with reading stories offline, occasional interface freezing for Android users when downloading offline stories, and issues when saving super-long chapters in offline mode. Plus, we have added an auto-scrolling feature when writing in the editor, to avoid your text going behind the keyboard.

3.- One of the most important functions of Inkspired, is its BETA readers network, and oh boy, now the 2.6 version supports them! You can easily apply/opt-in to the network from your Library, and then start reading the BETA readers' requests in your language. You can make use of BETA readers by requesting their feedback too, right from the editor.

4.- Redesigned Events and Reading Lists. More than just a visual redesign, we have brought to its design more relevance and utility.

5.- We have added a Leaderboard for the most participating writing contest users.

6.- We have added more subsections to browse around in the Search tab, which include: Stories of the day, Collectible Cards, and browse by Hashtags.

7.- The section "Manage my stories" also known as the dashboard has been moved to your account's menu.

8.- You can now change the content language faster from the main tab when clicking on the Inkspired logo.

9.- In your User Profile, you can now show off your collection of Badges and Collectible Cards, and post announcements right from the top bar. It's also possible now to control what to show/hide from your profile in your Settings.

10.- In your dashboard, when managing any of your stories, you can now sort and rearrange the order of your chapters.

11.- From the same place, you can also generate a promotional image for your story or even for your microfiction; both need to be published to get access to this feature.

12.- We have got a new section called "More about Inkspired" with useful shortcuts. Furthermore, from them, you will also have access to browse through all of Inkspired's self-publishing services and other goods from the Inkspired Store.

13.- Offline stories now work with a different system to get them by exchanging just a few Rewards Credits to download. They also have got now an expiration date to avoid having outdated content. If you are a Premium member, you can avoid exchanging any of your Reward Credits to download Offline Stories and also extend the time limit for expiry.

14.- General improvements in design, performance, and function, including now haptic feel on notifications and certain actions, plus a more connected approach between the website links and the app's screen through deep-linking.

Thanks for using Inkspired again, and I hope you enjoy this new version as much as we do.

Happy New Year to everyone.



Inkspired CEO

PS: If you want to keep up to date with other Inkspired news and/or interact with other fellow members of our community, join our brand new Discord Server.

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Introducing Inkspired v2.5

Introducing Inkspired v2.5

In less than a month since we introduced Inskpired Mobile 2.4, we are very proud to announce that our latest release (version 2.5) has been launched in both App Stores. The timing is a huge statement to underline our commitment to fast development to keep Inkspired up there at the highest level.

This new release is not just "any" release. This is a major change not only in the features we are introducing but in its technology and what we will be introducing next. Without further ado, here is the feature description of our newest release.

  • Several bug fixes of random crashes and performance. We continue to solve old issues and make our service better, faster, and strong. Every new release aims to provide you with the best user experience possible

  • New Events tab! Including writing contests, webinars, challenges, tutorials, and more. This is a major addition to Inkspired, as we will start producing and broadcasting different kinds of content while keeping you engaged with contests, challenges, and other media all along. We are so much excited to have the opportunity to show you soon what we have prepared.

  • The creation of Interactive stories is now supported in the app. When we introduced this new app from scratch back in January, we knew we will be missing (for a bit) the ability to create interactive stories. We made it possible for readers to interact with them, but limiting its creation to the website was a major "must-do-soon", and here we have it! Let your readers experiment with different storylines and alternative endings, right from the palm of your hand.

  • We have added a search history to help you find things faster, plus the ability to see the trending hashtags, search for them and show all the stories, microfictions, and universes within each.

  • Reading Visual stories in the app is now supported.

  • We have added a "Continue reading" notification for the last story you were reading.

  • At the end of each story, we are now showing information about its author.

  • Access well-detailed story lists from the discover screen, so you can browse what you want to read from a vertically-scrollable list rather than just a carousel.

  • Improved Library with the incorporation of story lists to help you browse better between the stories you are following, the stories you have purchased, and the newest releases of your favorite authors. Plus, now the library loads faster ;-)

  • We have added the ability to share and "Vote" all the Reading Lists.

  • From the black menu, now you can have direct access to all the Rewards Credits' benefits per level and their value per action.

  • Enjoy reading in full-screen reading, including (optionally) the ability to hide the header bar while reading.

  • An improved download of offline stories.

  • Stories profiles now include a total word count.

  • Access to a direct form to apply to become an Inkspired Ambassador.

  • We have added nice labels on users' profiles showing who is "new" in the community (if you have 15 days or less on the platform) or if you are a seasoned Ambassador.

Following our product blog post earlier this month, we continue to be present and committed to our mission to make publishing more democratic and help emerging creators in their paths to becoming the next bestsellers. Expect further additions, improvements, and transferrals of features from our website to mobile in the next weeks and months.

Best wishes,


Inkspired's CEO

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