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Ambassador Program

We are excited to launch our brand new Inkspired Ambassador Program as part of the first steps we are taking in this 2018 to democratize our community.

The mission of the program is to develop even further our ever-growing community, and make it a better place to share, write and read the great story. Having our own writers and readers to collaborate actively in the growth of Inkspired, helps them to get the most out of it at the same time. Your contribution and feedback helps us to improve everyday and build better products and services in the next months. After all, this community and all of these tools and apps are made just for you :)

The Ambassador Program is available to anyone on Inkspired, and you can be part of our team in 3 different areas: Community, Content, or Premium. All the details about the program, the guidelines, benefits, and requirements to apply to the program are available here. You can apply and become an Inkspired Ambassador until the 19th of February, with the first batch of Ambassadors to be announced by mid March 2018.

Don't hesitate in getting in touch with us. There are great benefits and perks available to anyone willing to participate :) Read more about the Inkspired Ambassador Program.

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