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Introducing Inkspired v2.5

Introducing Inkspired v2.5

In less than a month since we introduced Inskpired Mobile 2.4, we are very proud to announce that our latest release (version 2.5) has been launched in both App Stores. The timing is a huge statement to underline our commitment to fast development to keep Inkspired up there at the highest level.

This new release is not just "any" release. This is a major change not only in the features we are introducing but in its technology and what we will be introducing next. Without further ado, here is the feature description of our newest release.

  • Several bug fixes of random crashes and performance. We continue to solve old issues and make our service better, faster, and strong. Every new release aims to provide you with the best user experience possible

  • New Events tab! Including writing contests, webinars, challenges, tutorials, and more. This is a major addition to Inkspired, as we will start producing and broadcasting different kinds of content while keeping you engaged with contests, challenges, and other media all along. We are so much excited to have the opportunity to show you soon what we have prepared.

  • The creation of Interactive stories is now supported in the app. When we introduced this new app from scratch back in January, we knew we will be missing (for a bit) the ability to create interactive stories. We made it possible for readers to interact with them, but limiting its creation to the website was a major "must-do-soon", and here we have it! Let your readers experiment with different storylines and alternative endings, right from the palm of your hand.

  • We have added a search history to help you find things faster, plus the ability to see the trending hashtags, search for them and show all the stories, microfictions, and universes within each.

  • Reading Visual stories in the app is now supported.

  • We have added a "Continue reading" notification for the last story you were reading.

  • At the end of each story, we are now showing information about its author.

  • Access well-detailed story lists from the discover screen, so you can browse what you want to read from a vertically-scrollable list rather than just a carousel.

  • Improved Library with the incorporation of story lists to help you browse better between the stories you are following, the stories you have purchased, and the newest releases of your favorite authors. Plus, now the library loads faster ;-)

  • We have added the ability to share and "Vote" all the Reading Lists.

  • From the black menu, now you can have direct access to all the Rewards Credits' benefits per level and their value per action.

  • Enjoy reading in full-screen reading, including (optionally) the ability to hide the header bar while reading.

  • An improved download of offline stories.

  • Stories profiles now include a total word count.

  • Access to a direct form to apply to become an Inkspired Ambassador.

  • We have added nice labels on users' profiles showing who is "new" in the community (if you have 15 days or less on the platform) or if you are a seasoned Ambassador.

Following our product blog post earlier this month, we continue to be present and committed to our mission to make publishing more democratic and help emerging creators in their paths to becoming the next bestsellers. Expect further additions, improvements, and transferrals of features from our website to mobile in the next weeks and months.

Best wishes,


Inkspired's CEO

July 24, 2022, 9:14 p.m. 2 Report Embed 47

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