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New mobile apps, a new Inkspired era!

New mobile apps, a new Inkspired era!

Inkspired has started the new year with a massive launch that will the course of the platform and maximize all we offer to our creators and readers. We have revamped our former Inkspired Writer mobile app and transformed it into the ultimate Inkspired mobile experience you have been asking for. Spoiler: you can now write and read in the same place! We have got all the Inkspired spirit in just one app, and we can't be more excited about what's ahead. The new Inkspired is now faster, stronger, more stable, full of new options, and beautiful (we are not the only ones who believe that, just read the app reviews). More than just that, it will also switch our platform's development approach from "web first" to "mobile-first"; finally!

If you have Android, Download Inkspired Mobile now!

If you have iOS, Download Inkspired Mobile now!

So what's new on this release?

This new Inkspired mobile experience brings you:

  • You can now browse thousands of stories in any language, marketplace, genre, category, and subcategory. More than that, you can sort them as you like, and even get search results segmented by "Stories", "Authors", "Microfictions" and "Universes" in separate tabs.
  • Read Offline Stories has been totally revamped. Now, instead of "only chapters", you can download up to 3 complete stories to read; and even go unlimited offline if you are Premium.
  • Commenting has never been easier and in your control. All the options available on the website have now been transferred to the mobile experience: comment and reply comments as you please in chapters, announcements, and microfictions; even delete your own comments or interact with Ambassadors through private ones.
  • All notifications reimagined: from new and precise push notifications directly in your smartphone to the way you see and open notifications from your notifications' list, or the way you access the Inkspired's product updates. Now all of them link conveniently to the exact screen you always wanted to go to.
  • Interactive stories are finally supported in mobile! After almost 2 years of its official launch on the website, finally, the interactive stories have the justice they deserve and can now be fully read on the website. In our next update, you will also be able to create them directly from your phone!
  • The Microfictions have been redesigned with a more appealing look and will incorporate micro-threads soon, so you can tell your micro-stories in parts and keep your audience engaged.
  • Announcements maximized. Not only is already possible to post announcements right from the app, but now they have gotten further relevance. All your announcements will now be notified to your followers and they can also have them handy directly in their Library in case they missed out on one.
  • The best of the Library is at your disposal. One of the most important aspects of any reading platform is its library, and we have totally put a lot of effort into it. From your library you can now access all the stories you have followed, your favorite authors and their announcements, your recently read stories, create and manage your reading lists, and also access your Offline Stories.
  • The Writing Contests finally make an appearance in our mobile app for the first time. Get entertained participating in the ones that are open in your own language, and claim the top prizes if you win!
  • Purchase stories from your favorite authors, support them, and subscribe to their memberships, or simply sign up for a Premium subscription: all the checkout process is now fully integrated with the website so you can get what you want with a couple of clicks without having to sign-in again.
  • Inkspired Wallet is available! Complementary to the point above, it is possible now to Top Up your Inkspired Wallet right from our mobile app, and also use your stored credit to purchase stories in-app.
  • Universes are more integrated: we have further integrated the use of Universes within the app in the way you can now see and search for them, and also see and filter all the Glossaries linked to your favorite stories.
  • More options for authors: start co-authoring, scheduling chapters, ordering promotion packages, Boosts, or requesting priority for verification. They have all been incorporated.
  • Blogs designs; blogs have always had a particular design on Inkspired with dedicated features, and these are now reflected in our new mobile experience.
  • New "Home" screen with quick access to news, featured stories, your reading lists, trending stories in your country, promotions, recommendations about stories you may like, and new releases in your favorite categories and universes.
  • Full iPad/Tablet support not only for writing but for reading stories as well.
  • Share everything you like: your favorite story, chapter, your favorite author's profile, or simply a microfiction. Share everything, everywhere.
  • Overall accessibility: everything is faster and more accessible now - from clicking in any avatar picture in any place of the app to making the notifications more intuitive, and accessing the related content anywhere you are browsing. Ambassadors will have an easier way to make an impact in-app too. The app has been designed with the user experience of fast and reliable browsing in mind. We have fixed all the issues, bugs, and design flows that we learned with our former app, and you can expect fewer crashes, lag, or server overloading :-)
  • Inmmersiveness: part of our commitment to going "mobile-first" is to try to avoid redirecting you to our website. This is another firm step towards that vision across all the app, and you can expect it to go further deep in our next app update.

This is only what is new in our huge app update. We also wanted to remind you a bit of what was there before (and also improved):

  • Full-length writing and publishing of novels, short-tales, microfictions, and blogs.
  • Offline writing if you do not have an Internet connection.
  • The interface is fully translated into English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Geman.
  • And much more, all described in the product release article posted a year ago. The promise we made to unify both apps in 1 back then has now been fulfilled :)

But the best of all? We are just getting started! You will hear about more updates in our mobile apps more frequently thought this year. Bring it on 2022!

Best wishes to all,


Inkspired CEO

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UM Udesky Mills
Poco f3
June 07, 2022, 00:05
Francisco Rivera Francisco Rivera
Por qué no incluir un botón de traducción instantánea? Se agradecería. Así mismo, crear un "Buzón Inmediato a Preguntas en Respuestas Inmediatas", por ejemplo?
June 03, 2022, 23:24
Gabriel Aerospace Gabriel Aerospace
Wish both first rather than app first or web first, at least for me, I can't seem to see or write microfiction from my pc, witch is a shame.
February 22, 2022, 04:03
Cecilia Nowako Cecilia Nowako
Interessant Das ganze
February 05, 2022, 21:07