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Adding draft reviewers to your chapters - redesigned

"Add reviewers" option on the Editor Screen (Dashboard)

We keep the good stuff coming, because we care about your writing and publishing experience. We just redesigned the way you use and access your draft page.

Adding reviewers has always been among the most popular options on Inkspired. With this option, many writers tend to add friends or professional editors as reviewers of their draft chapters, to get a second opinion and inline comments from them, in every sentence and paragraph they have just written. This has been particular useful, since more than a few writers most of the time count with an external editor, so with this option they don't need to be sending Word/PDF files anymore, and then updating the text of their chapter on their story: because all can happen here. This moves us one step forward to the integral solution we have as a vision for our web Platform and reading/publishing tools we already have, and are on the making. And hundreds of people are enjoying it.

It works the same way as before, but we have removed the limitation that you can only add reviewers as long as your chapter in on "draft" status. Now, the chapter can be published, unpublished or in draft, and you can still add reviewers to it, get private comments and access to them any time. Also, we have redesigned the draft page.

Example of the draft page of this post

So, how does 'Add Reviewers' work?

It's quite easy. Whenwriting your chapter on the editor screen, on the top right corner of the screen, you will see a blue button with the text "Add reviewers".  

Afterwards, add Inkspired usernames and/or e-mails of friends on the textfield. Don't worry if your friends don't have an Inkspired account yet - you can still add their emails, and they will receive an e-mail prompting them to sign up, in order to access the draft page. And when on the the draft page, it will be possible to add comments right away by just highlighting the text. 

The draft page of your chapter looks similar to your story profile, although it is not public to anyone. It can only be seen by the persons you added as reviewers, and only them can also add private comments. Comments added on that page, will not ever be seen by anyone else than you and your reviewers; even when you publish your chapter. We keep everything private :)

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