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Product update - September 2019

Product update - September 2019

Hello everybody!

As we enter the last quarter of the year, we have got a new exciting announcement to all our Inkspired writers and readers. As of today, we are premiering a new writing format that will change the way you write and read online fiction. We are introducing the "Interactive storytelling" format.

How does it work?

When creating a story, you will need to choose the new "Interactive story" type. If you are already familiar with writing and publishing on Inkspired, most of it will remain the same although with a few changes. Now, when you are writing a chapter, you will be able to let your readers choose where the story continues next. To do so, from the right panel on the editor, you will have the chance to connect other chapters (up to 3) with decisions that your readers will need to take when they finish the chapter.

Each decision is either connected with another chapter of your story (that has not been previously connected to another decision before) or the option to "mark as the end of the story". Apart of choosing the destination, you will need to enter a text called "decision's text" which will be shown to your readers so they can choose what's the path of the plotline they will follow.

As a writer, on your dashboard's story profile, you will not only see the list of your chapters with the information of what was the previous chapter for each chapter, plus the decisions entered on each one. We have added a fantastic feature that will show you, visually, all the developed plotlines of your story, with the information of: where the story ends, the name of the chapters involved with its decisions, and even the color of each chapter's status (if it's unpublished, on draft, or published). It's a beautiful well to keep your story's plotline visually organized and help you craft a magnificent story. If a chapter does not include any decision, then the story will automatically end on that chapter in that given plotline path.

As a reader, on the other hand, you will enjoy fully engaging stories where depending on what action/decision you make at the end of each, the story will unfold in a different way.


Interactive stories BETA launches today, and it's available to all users, across all languages and genres on the Inkspired's website. Support for reading on the Inkspired Mobile apps (iOS/Android) and writing in the Inkspired Writer Apps (Mac/Windows) will soon follow before the end of the year.

If you a writer, welcome to a new way of writing. Get creative, and create unique interactive stories for your readers to enjoy. Oh, and by the way, the Interactive Stories are also compatible with our new Payment services ;-)

See you around the community!

Best wishes to all,


Inkspired's CEO

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Davi Morais Davi Morais
A ideia é boa, porem acho que vai ser difícil achar algo que funcione dessa forma, uma vez que a comunidade é bem relutante em comentar algo.
October 10, 2019, 13:28

  • Lunéler Elias Lunéler Elias
    Realmente. É difícil encontrar quem comente. October 12, 2019, 01:20
Yorkman Pattreisk Yorkman Pattreisk
que gracioso, hace exactamente un año publiqué una historia con este mismo formato, por supuesto no existía la modalidad interactiva, pero es la misma idea jajaja
October 04, 2019, 02:32