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Product update - July 2019

Product update - July 2019

Hello everybody!

It's already the second half of the year, and we keep working hard to bring you the best experience and features for online reading, writing, and publishing. So we have got 2 big announcements today.

The Authors' Cup

The first one is the wrapping up of The Authors' Cup First Edition 2019. After 3 long months, 64 challenges, 1.000+ new stories, 500+ new micro stories, 149 participants from 35 different countries, 500k of interactions, and a lot of good memories, The Authors' Cup reaches an end; And 3 amazing writers will be crowned champions. The official announcement is due next Monday, 5th of August 2019! You can check the latest competition's ranking here.

We wanted to deeply thank everyone that participated with great passion, commitment, and talent. This is just the beginning, and the new The Authors' Cup Second Edition 2020 will be announced soon. For now, we all need to enjoy a well-deserved break ;)

A brand new Payment Service

Today we are proud to announce a big game changer on the Inkspired ecosystem. We introduce a revamped payment system to support the best and most committed authors on Inkspired. With this new system you will be able to accept payments from your readers and followers under 3 modalities:

  • A One-off mode, meaning a single payment to read all the story and its future chapters.
  • A Subscription mode, meaning readers will subscribe to your story and make recurrent payments each month to access all the chapters and the new ones being post. Perfect for book series!
  • And Donations, which is something we used to have in the past. The story remains free to read, but it accepts voluntary donations from readers as a way to crowdfund your work. A perfect balance between monetizing your loyal readership and growing your reader base.

In order to activate this service on your stories, you will need to comply with a few requirements, and then apply. As this service is still under "BETA" it may take a few days until we review your application and accept it. Successful applicants will get their payment options enabled right away to start receiving funds. Among the most important requirements are:

  • Your story must be Published and Verified.
  • Your story must contain at least 75 followers (50 for Premium members).
  • You must agree that the story will be exclusive only to Inkspired.
  • Your story must have more than one chapter (the first one will always be for free). This also means that "Short tale" stories are not eligible.
  • In order to receive your hard earned funds, you must assign an active PayPal account.

Enabling the service is free to all users whenever they comply with the requirements, and Inkspired will only charge a 25% administration fee (15% for Premium members) on every transaction. It's all also plain and simple, as the website will walk you through every single step and let you know what you need to progress.

To read more, please check our FAQs. To activate the service, you can do it via your Dashboard > My Stories > Story Profile of your story > Options. It's only possible to activate it via the web browser, not the mobile or desktop apps. But let us know what you think about this in the comments section! We are very happy to know your thoughts and answer your questions! 

New surprises and services will be added very soon.

See you around the community :-)

Best wishes to all,


Inkspired's CEO

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