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Product update - February 2019 & The Authors' Cup

Product update - February 2019 & The Authors' Cup

February is finally over, and this 2019 has just started with amazing things. Today we are finally announcing Inkspired's signature writing competition: The Authors' Cup.

The Authors' Cup 2019

The Authors' Cup is Inkspired's annual creative writing competition made by authors for all authors. On Inkspired we want to motivate all writers and aspiring authors of different literary genres.

This first edition will last 3 months, and it is scheduled to start on May 2, 2019. The Authors' Cup will be open to all countries, languages, literary genres whether is a short story or novel published on Inkspired!

Want to read more? Check The Authors' Cup official page, and register today to benefit from a very special early-bird pricing. If you are a writer or an aspiring author, this is your chance to compete and win up to US $1,000 in prizes.

Within the competition, we also have a special challenge for "The Best Story" with additional awards. We will have a jury reviewing stories in 6 categories in English and Spanish - and who knows, maybe Portuguese as well ;)

Microfictions available to read on the web

Microfictions are getting popular in our new iOS app! And now, you can search, browse, and read them from the website too. We have an entire listing on a microfiction category here. Oh, and did I mentioned that you can also filter them by your preferred language?

By the way, our revamped Android app has had some delays shipping, but it's finally launching shortly and, yes, you can publish your microfictions from there too, in case you were wondering ;)

The Web Editor has been fixed

We were aware that for the past few weeks some of you had some troubles copy/pasting your texts into our web editor. We got reports from random "characters" appearing in the text from time to time, to some delays when saving your chapters. Well, all of those are things of the past now as we have massively improved the performance and fixed those "little tricky bugs" in our editor, to make your stay on Inkspired even more pleasant and trustworthy :)

New categories

Since we are working hard improving our technology and growing community every day, we are also expanding our story catalog to 2 new categories: Historical Fiction (actually, "the return of"), and Scripts/Screenplay. The former was very much missed when we took it out early last year, but we have listened to you, and it has now come back to stay! The latter, Scripts/Screenplay, also comes in with a new writing format that you can experiment with from now on in Inkspired. Be creative, and have fun reading and writing in a new genre and style :-)

You can now buy Rewards Credits

The Rewards Program has been a massive success since its introduction last year. Since then, we have had dozens of thousands of users adopting it, earning Rewards Credits, and exchanging them for perks and benefits on our Self-Publishing page. Since it has become like the internal currency of Inkspired "kind-of", now we are going to let you purchase packages of Rewards Credits which, by the way (spoiler alert), might be very handy when competing on The Authors' Cup in the near future.

Also, talking about the Self-Publishing services, we have updated our price list.

Platform's performance

Last but not least. Having a fancy platform is not enough in today's world, it also has to perform well and bring the best user experience to everyone. We have invested efforts in making things faster for you, and we are sure you can notice the difference now. When it comes to helping you achieve things, faster is always better ;)

On Inkspired we are constantly improving on all fronts, but we can't do by ourselves. Listening and trusting our community has always been our best way to do things, and here we still are with open ears eager to listen to any feedback or comments you may have.

Best wishes,

Galo A. Vargas

Inkspired' CEO

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Richard Russell Richard Russell
Nice work, Gallo!
March 05, 2019, 14:48

  • Richard Russell Richard Russell
    Sigh - Galo (I always think of the wine... ) March 05, 2019, 14:49
  • Galo A. Vargas Galo A. Vargas
    Hahaha no worries Richard! Goon is always great, coff I mean wine!!ūüėā March 06, 2019, 04:36
Tania A. S. Ferro Tania A. S. Ferro
March 01, 2019, 17:55