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Happy New year and product update - December 2018

Happy New year and product update - December 2018

Welcome to the New Year 2019!

And we wanted to start by saying Thank You. We are very happy to have you on board at Inkspired, and we want to thank you once again for all your support during the amazing ride back in good old 2018. It has been a fabulous year of growth, learnings, and excitement. It couldn't have been a better as our community continued to grow, and we focused all our energy on making the best products for reading and writing online fiction; our greatest reward was to witness how the community embraced all these changes with a lot of enthusiasm.  You can expect even more on 2019.

Furthermore, we couldn't have ended the year without making new announcements. 

The new Inkspired Mobile App for iOS is finally here!

This 2019 started with a brand new release. Our long-awaited new app for iOS (iPhone) has made it to the Apple App Store with a revamped new design and most of all the wonderful things that make the Inkspired platform so special. And as beautiful, easier-to-use, and sophisticated it could be, the biggest news is the release of a unique writing format, totally exclusive to the mobile apps, called Microfictions.

To fully read about all the new features of our app, check out the Inkspired Mobile page. By the way, the Android version of the app is going to be released on the Google Play Store in February 2019.

Announcing Microfictions on Inkspired Mobile

Microfictions are story types with only 500 characters. And today we are bringing you the ability to read and write this beautiful short and compelling stories, like a mini Twitter-for-fiction, exclusively from our Mobile app. 

Getting your way around this new writing format is easy. To read microfictions, just go to the central tab of the app, where you can find to sub tabs called "All" and "My feed". Under "All", you will find all the microfictions published in your preferred language, whilst under "My feed" you will find all the microfictions published by authors you are following.

To write a microfiction, just tap on the "Write" button on the right upper corner of that screen. Add a Microfiction title, choose a language, add up to 3 describing #hashtags,  write an amazing story under 500 characters, and hit "Publish". That's it. Easy, fast, and convenient. Exploit your creativity with very short narrative constraints wherever you go, at any time.

Note: Writing and publishing full-length stories, books, novels, and short tales is still available only in our Website and Inkspired Writer app (Mac/Windows), but will be available shortly in the Mobile apps during the second quarter of 2019.

2018 brief recap

Last year was full of wild rides, new experiments, releases, product upgrades, and also community growth. Inkspired is solidifying itself as one of the best writing and reading spaces in the world.

Just to name a few things, we have released new Mobile apps, new self-publishing services, academy videos and webinars, created monthly writing contests, introduced the Rewards Program, introduced Verification of Stories, created Community Guidelines, launched Writer Premium, re-designed 8 new book cover templates in 7 colors, integrated a new smarter Editor, incorporated French and German translations, and became one of the most important writing & reading communities in the world, specially strong in the Spanish and Portuguese languages. Plus, vast improvements in our product design in all fronts, and many other small details that are left unmentioned but you should have probably noticed ;) All of that with the help and constant feedback from you.

So, what else is coming on this 2019?

Well, if there has been ever a lot of expectations for Inkspired, this 2019 we are going to deliver what is the best to come yet. New services, new products, new competitions, even better mobile apps, new webinars, new content, new smart technologies, and many more surprises that will take our readers and writers to an unprecedented level. With new European offices (in Luxembourg and Spain) plus the ones already in South America (Ecuador and an upcoming office in Brazil) Inkspired is ready to keep innovating in the writing and publishing spaces and expand globally.

From the Inkspired Team, we wish you the best of starts of this new year.


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