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Product update - October 2018

Welcome to the new Monthly Product Update. Since Inkspired is evolving at a fast pace and we have been fixing and adding a few things to improve the overall user experience for all writers and readers in our platform, we believe having an end-of-the-month catch-up with you would be nice. So, let's get started. What's new on Inkspired?

New editor

We have updated our web editor. At a first glance it looks exactly the same, but technology-wise it's more powerful and finally fixes all of the weird issues with styling that our previous editor has. It's a massive upgrade that we have been working for a while. Adding images is more intuitive now, and we have also included the option of create lists. Additionally, the new editor it is now fully compatible with the @mentions, styles, and formats of our Inkspired Writer app.  And it works perfectly while syncing your content between the website and the apps.

News for Premium subscribers

We keep adding value to our Writer Premium subscription. Now, all Premium members can benefit from:

  • Ad-free reading experience.
  • Priority verification of stories.
  • Complimentary 80 Rewards Credits.
  • Options to export their stories and chapters in PDF, DOCx, HTML, ePUB, and TXT files.
  • Access to their weekly story performance metrics, with insights of the Trend, Growth and next week forecasts on how their story will perform.

Do not forget that some of these services are available to unlock independently right from our Self-publishing Services page.

Update on BETA readers

BETA readers are in full swing. We got a few technical problems at the beginning, but all of them have been solved and are thing of the past. Do not forget that if you use the Self-publishing services to UNLOCK the BETA readers, there are still some further instructions (detailed in the Order page) that you may need to follow before making the official BETA readers request on your chapter.

Mobile apps

We have received hundreds of messages about when we are going to update our current mobile apps. Let's be honest, the mobile apps are quite behind in what our website actually offers. Since we are committed to making our apps great (again), we can confirm a new version is on its way for iOS and Android. It might take until right before the end of the year though, but we promise we will put it in your hands soon and the wait will be worth it. Among the updated features includes Communities, Writing Contests, easier ways to browse stories, discover new stories, review your pocket library, and so much more. And we also have an additional surprise for the launch ;)

Hello promo Ads

As we explore new ways to keep Inkspired working smoothly, we have launched Ads across the website. It's also a very interesting way of reminding you of promotions, publishing opportunities, and new services we have launched.

Interested in displaying your brand or product to a community of thousands of writers and readers around the world? Fill the following form and get in touch with us.

New currencies

Slowly (but firmly) we are implementing new currencies across the platform, to make it easier for you to see the prices in your local currency. On the Self-publishing services page and at the Writer Premium page, you can check the price conversion in the most popular currencies around the world, at the current exchange rate.

Payments are still processed in USD. In the near future, we will let you set-up your own currency preferences.

Career openings

We are hiring! We have a few positions available in Madrid (Spain), Quito (Ecuador), and Brazil. Check our career opportunities.

What's next?

You can expect a lot of more surprises until the end of the year, and especially throughout November, including Paypal payments integrations, improvements when uploading your story cover pictures, and much more. Do not worry, in case you think you will miss something, we will let you know on our next monthly catch-up at the end of the month ;)

Happy writing and reading,


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