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Adding draft reviewers to your chapters - redesigned

"Add reviewers" option on the Editor Screen (Dashboard)

We keep the good stuff coming, because we care about your writing and publishing experience. We just redesigned the way you use and access your draft page.

Adding reviewers has always been among the most popular options on Inkspired. With this option, many writers tend to add friends or professional editors as reviewers of their draft chapters, to get a second opinion and inline comments from them, in every sentence and paragraph they have just written. This has been particular useful, since more than a few writers most of the time count with an external editor, so with this option they don't need to be sending Word/PDF files anymore, and then updating the text of their chapter on their story: because all can happen here. This moves us one step forward to the integral solution we have as a vision for our web Platform and reading/publishing tools we already have, and are on the making. And hundreds of people are enjoying it.

It works the same way as before, but we have removed the limitation that you can only add reviewers as long as your chapter in on "draft" status. Now, the chapter can be published, unpublished or in draft, and you can still add reviewers to it, get private comments and access to them any time. Also, we have redesigned the draft page.

Example of the draft page of this post

So, how does 'Add Reviewers' work?

It's quite easy. Whenwriting your chapter on the editor screen, on the top right corner of the screen, you will see a blue button with the text "Add reviewers".  

Afterwards, add Inkspired usernames and/or e-mails of friends on the textfield. Don't worry if your friends don't have an Inkspired account yet - you can still add their emails, and they will receive an e-mail prompting them to sign up, in order to access the draft page. And when on the the draft page, it will be possible to add comments right away by just highlighting the text. 

The draft page of your chapter looks similar to your story profile, although it is not public to anyone. It can only be seen by the persons you added as reviewers, and only them can also add private comments. Comments added on that page, will not ever be seen by anyone else than you and your reviewers; even when you publish your chapter. We keep everything private :)

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Storytelling as a Blog

As 2017 draws nearer, and the year is coming to an end, we would like to announce a new feature on our website, as it has been happening all year around. Today, we announce a new story type for creating stories, called Blog Stories.

Yes, Blogs are not a new concept at all, but for Inkspired is a new kind of offering as a part of the options that our emerging writers will now have for writing and publishing their stories serially.

Choosing a "Blog-like" story type, is similar to Serial Text Stories and Short tales, although with minor differences. 

1) First of all, like a blog, the latest releases will be shown at the top of the story profile. - For Blog stories only, chapters will now be called "posts".

2) The Story Profile will contain a pagination of 5 posts per page

3) The Story Profile will only be showing limited information in it's Story Profile Info section, at the top, to maximize the impact of the blog-like story.

4) And finally, each "post" gets its own "individual page". By clicking on the post's title, you will able to access the post's individual page, so it would be easy to share specific posts to other people, while for stories like serials and short tales, all is displayed in one single page.

The strategy behind releasing this option, that we ha already for a while limited to staff members of Inkspired, is to show our users the new direction that Inkspired is taking as a Publishing company. We want to make our author's feel that we can provide the right tool and platform to them, according to their needs; and we want to do that by allowing different forms to tell stories online. Here is a couple of blogs already getting traction in Inkspired.

Writer's blog
- The Right Write

I hope you enjoy this new story type as much as we do, we encourage you to try it, and we would also like to take the opportunity to wish you all a happy new years!



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Inkspired's year 2016

So, as the holidays approach, I would like to recapitulate on what has happened with Inkspired in this last year.

Inkspired was launched in Australia and Ecuador on January 2015. And from there, we have relocated the HQs to Chile, as we raised external seed capital to keep developing our technology and the community behind it. We are looking to expand to other parts of the globe in this exciting 2017, that will see Inkspired expand its technology to improve the writing and reading experience of users, and get it closer to you, your work, and what you enjoy doing every day.

This year we got a bunch of things released: especially on the 2nd semester. As for now, we released a brand new Android app, and we are about to release the new version of our iOS app just in time for the holidays. Also, we vastly redesigned the whole brand of our company - from its logo image to the color line among other stuff. That change also came with a rebranded and totally redesigned (and much improved) website. The former was a major project started on the 2Q of the year, that saw all things that were broken, or not that easy-to-use, and the performance, and everything else much improved from the Beta version we released, thanks to your feedback.

Inkspired is constantly listening to our beloved users. We get e-mails, messages or interactions through our social media channels, and we want to let you know that we are always listening to what you say, we care, and we act.

Inkspired is a much better product today thanks to you. Our online Editor has seen an increase in the time our writers spend into it, and our stories are more easy to access, read and engage than ever. This major tweaks and improvements also came with a bigger traction with users around the world, as we had to release this year an Inkspired version in Portuguese. But we saw also an expansion in stories being published in Spanish and surprisingly Russian, that make us feel cool and believe we are going in the right way. If your native language is outside of these, don't feel constrained, you can be the first to publish :)

We worked hard on the things you care the most: a better editor, a better reading experience, better notifications, a better way to comment, to review, to like stories and access the ones you are following, using your Pocket Library. We improved the system to add reviewers to your drafts, so you can improve with external feedback before releasing. We corrected a whole bunch of annoying bugs or bad UX along the way as well and added even more security layers so you can feel your stories are even safer with us (in every sense). We let you export your stories through embedding to different sites, and even let you save chapters for offline reading on our mobile apps.

We also just added a system that will let you apply for future promotions and make referrals to your friends to earn rewards, as a preparation to our big next project that will be coming soon on the 1st semester of next year. That's right, I'm talking about the Inkspired Writer. I won't be going into the details as they are already published on the product's page, but this, along with other technologies focused on publishing, is our main focus for what's next. We have big dreams, and we work hard, to totally change the publishing industry: always in favor of you, our writers and readers.

What you can expect from Inkspired the next year?

Well, that's a difficult question, since we started it has been a rollercoaster..., and at times unpredictable. Inkspired is changing and growing, but we believe we are heading in the right direction. You can expect us to keep caring about you, your stories, your experience in Inkspired. 

Our company will keep expanding to new horizons: physically and digitally as well. And apart of the Desktop App that will be coming fast next year, you will see Inkspired improve in other aspects, and release other technologies to make writing and publishing smarter, and help others to achieve this. We will do this by releasing some other small projects within the Inkspired Platform, but the mission remains: to make all independent publishing easier, smarter, more flexible and fair; and to deliver the best reading experience in any device to readers who are on-the-go.

Thanks again for all the time, love and support that you have put to Inkspired this last couple of years.

Happy holidays!


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What's new in Inkspired

Hi there. I'm Galo, CEO of Inkspired. And today I want to release the first blog post of this new blog that will tell you every now and then what's new and what's going on in Inkspired's products.

In Inkspired we are focused on taking the best out of your creative writing, and making online reading easier and more accesible to everyone.  That's why we have 3 products with us today: yes, that's right, 3. And those are:

- Inkspired web platform
- Inkspired mobile
- Inkspired Writer (soon to be released).

The web platform is our community of emerging writers and readers. Is where you are now, and is where the main action happens. It will work as the main resource for writers who wants to come and publish online faster in this community, and readers can come to read those stories: be it on a web browser, or their mobile browser.

Inkspired Mobile is focused on the Readers. These are the iOS app and Android app, where creating stories is not the main function, but reading stories that are in progress, and search for others you make like. For the mobile apps, we decided to focus on the reading only because we believe it's where most of the people browse to discover new stories read when they are on the go. So expect changes in the near future that will maximize this vision.

Last but not least, will be our Inkspired Writer. It will be a Desktop app focused ONLY on the writing of fiction, and how to publish it in multiple online platform. We just launched a landing page officially yesterday with some details about it, that can give you a glimpse of what it will be, and spark your imagination until we finally release it on early 2017. Check it out, and stay tuned! Take advantage of that promotion reservation available now for limited time only!, because we promise that, if you are creative professional author, you will love to try our upcoming new smart tool ;)



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