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Platform upgrades and a new International Writing Competition on sight!

Platform upgrades and a new International Writing Competition on sight!

Hello, Wonderful Community!

We’re thrilled to share some exciting updates with you about all the amazing things happening at Inkspired over the past few months!

Big News: International Writing Competition!

We're partnering with Everystar Japan to launch a major writing competition in the Romance genre. This is your chance to shine on a global stage with cash prizes, professional translations to Japanese, and the opportunity to get published in the Japanese market! Mark your calendars for this Friday, June 7th, 2024 for the official contest launch, and visit our Events page for all the details. Submissions are open from Sunday 9th.

Introducing "The People's Choice" Award

From today, all our lightning challenges and contests will feature a brand-new award: "The People's Choice." Now, any reader (with or without an account) can vote for their favorite stories. The story with the most votes and a minimum of 50% participation will win extra points in our Season’s League Ranking. Don’t miss out—the first half of the season ends on July 1st, and the competition is fierce! We will add this feature to our mobile apps during the next update.

Upgraded Premium Plans

Our Premium plans just got better! We’ve added new benefits, including cashback for our Boost Content service with renewable monthly credits. Check your monthly quotas for tickets, bonuses, and credits in the Settings > Premium Benefits screen. We will also add this section to our mobile apps during the next update.

Expanding Horizons: New K-Drama Category and Non-Fiction Subcategories

We’re excited to announce a brand new category for K-Drama (Korean Dramas) and new subcategories for Non-Fiction! Inkspired is expanding beyond fiction to cater to all your reading needs and provide more opportunities for our authors. Now we are open to stories and articles in Sports, Health, Science, Technology, Travel, and much more...

Important: Facebook Login Removal

We're phasing out Facebook as an authentication method since it is not a reliable method anymore. As Inkspired evolves, we seek to improve our overall services and that means sometimes removing some old stuff. If your account is linked to Facebook, you can easily unlink it by using our password recovery form or linking it to Google if your email addresses match. Just click "Sign in with Google" to get started.

Enhanced Rewards Levels

We’ve updated our Rewards Levels with new benefits across all 25 levels. We’re committed to continuously adding new perks to reward our most dedicated creators, authors, and readers.

Improved Translations and improved Search Features

Inkspired now supports 10 languages, and we've improved our translations across the board. Plus, our search feature is now faster and more efficient on both web and mobile, thanks to significant performance upgrades and bug fixes.

Exciting Mobile App Update Coming Soon

Stay tuned for our Mobile App update "2.9" coming before August! This update promises to bring exciting new features to enhance your Inkspired experience, faster performance, and perhaps one to two "very demanded" new surprise additions ;-)

Thank you for being a part of our vibrant community. We can’t wait to see what you create and achieve next!

Warm regards,


The Inkspired Team

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The new Inkspired 2.8

The new Inkspired 2.8

Hello there, Inkspired community.

We are very excited to announce today the release of our new mobile app version 2.8 on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store!

Our 2.8 upgrade not only fixes all the latest reported bugs but also upgrades massively the overall performance and enhances what you can do with Inkspired. That being said, I'm happy to announce that finally Visual Stories (now known as Graphic Novels) can be created within the app using pictures from your phone or taken with your camera. As a storytelling platform, we will keep expanding into formats that go beyond written form, and Graphic Novels are a huge leap if you want to publish comics, gallery art, magazines, or any kind of instant storytelling.

The second biggest addition is Microfiction threads. Microfictions were first introduced many years ago on Inkspired as an exclusive to our mobile apps, and since then they have remained the same with a short 500-character short story form. However, from today it's possible to add up to 24 other microfictions to the main micro story to form a thread, therefore expanding your options to narrate your micro-stories. Let your creativity take over and keep your audience engaged in each part of the thread.

Several other improvements are notable in 2.8, such as the ability to add images to announcements, format the reader with more styling options, and the inclusion of all the information on your Rewards Program within the app and the benefits per level. Book trailers are now supported within the story profile, and new options for browsing content were added. In the search tab, you can find now quick access to discover great emerging creators among verified and trending authors in the Inkspired community.

In our update of 2.8.5, we have added full support for the Korean and Italian languages in our mobile apps plus support for Google Sign-in and video stories.

Last but not least, after a very successful First Season (2023) of the Creator's League which saw the relentless Mavi Govoy crowned as the undisputed champion, we are starting Season 2 of 2023. Earn points by participating in Lightning Challenges and Writing contests, and check your progress in our daily ranking! It's now possible to check the ranking of previous seasons too.

We are committed to providing you with the best user experience, and we are proud of our growing community. Update your mobile app today and let us know your thoughts, or join our Discord community and interact with us directly.

Download Inkspired 2.8 for Android.

Download Inkspired 2.8 for iOS.

Thank you for being a part of Inkspired, and we look forward to continuing to serve you in the best possible way.

Best wishes,

Galo A. Vargas

CEO Inkspired.

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Inkspired levels up!

Inkspired levels up!

Hey there, wonderful community!

I am absolutely thrilled to share some fantastic news with all of you. As of today, Inkspired has undergone an upgrade, bringing you a faster and more powerful home that is geared toward serving you even better!

But what does this mean exactly? Well, while you might not notice any "visual" changes on the website or our mobile apps, you will definitely "feel" the difference. We've been hard at work on everything related to the "behind the scenes", upgrading the core of our platform and its servers. This upgrade translates to enhanced speed and performance for Inkspired. In simpler terms, you won't have to worry about sluggishness during peak hours anymore, which we know has been a bit frustrating over the past couple of months.

These improvements are incredibly exciting for our community, as reading, writing, creating, and interacting will now flow seamlessly and faster than ever before. To celebrate this milestone, we're offering a 25% discount on the Premium PRO monthly and annual subscriptions exclusively to the first 20 members who reply to this message.

We truly appreciate your patience and your invaluable presence in this community. We're eagerly looking forward to connecting with you on our (virtual) campus. Don't forget to drop us a message on our Discord server!

Warmest regards,


Inkspired's CEO

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Announcing Inkspired 2.7

Announcing Inkspired 2.7

Dear Inkspired community,

We are excited to announce the release of our new mobile app version 2.7 today on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store! On the eve of an upcoming major product announcement the next month, 2.7 arrives fixing all known issues that have affected the performance, usability, and overall experience of the app plus adding up major improvements and better design. We have also made improvements to the reading experience by adding new fonts, and styling options and fixing the big gaps between paragraphs. You can also now enjoy a smooth and optimized Offline Reading experience of up to 3 stories at a time in the Free Plan, or unlimited in our Premium Plans.

We are also thrilled to introduce our new support and translation to the Turkish language 🇹🇷 which will benefit our more than 20,000 native Turkish-speakers community members. As a reminder, you can always change the content language (and the UI's) anytime from the Inkspired Logo on the main screen of the app or by going to Preferences > Account. Furthermore, we have added fast QR codes to invite friends and receive benefits as rewards, and more options for experience customization from your settings.

We listened to your feedback and brought back the marking chapter's "already read" feature. It was disabled two weeks ago because it affected performance. But now, you can resync the reading history again and have full control of your reading progress.

In addition, we are pleased to inform you that you can now submit a Guest Post article for our Writer's Blog in English, Spanish, or Portuguese, which are blogs that, among them, they have more than a combined 550,000 followers. Finally, you can also enjoy further integration of the Inkspired Wallet and Rewards Credits purchases on the Inkspired Store and Self-publishing services.

We are committed to providing you with the best user experience, and we are proud of our growing community. Update today and let us know what you think, or join our Discord community and contact me directly.

Download Inkspired 2.7 for Android.

Download Inkspired 2.7 for iOS.

Thank you for being a part of Inkspired, and we look forward to continuing to serve you in the best possible way.

Best wishes,

Galo A. Vargas

CEO Inkspired.

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