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Sticky bonus

The bonus received its name due to the inability to withdraw it. How does this work? Its purpose is to attract gamers. After the person has played, the funds provided by the casino are automatically returned back. The player will receive the prize in full. But not more than that.

The sticky bonuses are different like in buffalo slot machine . So, some institutions immediately write off the necessary amount from the player’s account. Other casinos offer funds for a specific period of time. If the player does not use the bonus, he loses the right to receive it. By whatever rules the casino use to offer bonus money, a person can get a significant promotion.

Periodic bonus

To actively attract players, some places use periodic bonuses. They act on par with registration. The appointment of a periodic bonus is attracting players and stimulating their activity.

This type of bonuses can be a weekend, weekly or monthly. Its size and frequency are determined by the internal strategy of the casino. Periodic bonuses can be credited in different ways. The institution can issue them on a deposit and no deposit basis. Quite often, the casino charges them when depositing an account on Saturday or Sunday.

To receive and withdraw any kind of bonuses, you must carefully read the rules of a particular online casino.

Reload bonuses

Many gambling houses offer their customers reload bonuses. After a certain amount is credited to the player’s account, the casino adds a percentage to it. It can range from ten to one hundred. The size of the reload bonus is determined separately by each casino. Terms of withdrawal of funds are different and require clarification in the casino.

Referral or bonus for a friend

The meaning of the bonus is to get the player a reward for inviting new customers to the casino. The amount of incentives is set by the casino individually, as well as the conditions for its receipt. Some gambling clubs fix the size of the referral bonus. Others offer a percentage of the bets made by invited novices. Sometimes casinos require from a new player not only registration but also a set of a certain number of points within a few days. Then the invited person will get his bonus and you will also get a gift.

Return: Cashback Bonus

The point is to get the player a small compensation after losing. Thus, the casino is trying to console the loser. Amount size is not very big. Its percentage is set by the casino. Sometimes gambling houses require the fulfillment of a number of conditions that give the right to receive a cash back bonus:

-constant losses during the month;

-losses on a specific day of the week;

-loss of a certain amount, etc.

Sometimes fans of a slot which playing only at certain hours can get cashback.

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