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Key bet roulette

Draw a parallel between various table games and a slot machine. If you know the rules for both types of these casino games, you would quickly uncover similarities, but most certainly you would see completely different styles of betting. When it comes to, for instance, roulettes, maximum stakes tend to hinge on a fixed number – some usual Roulette works with small winnings up to x36, so gamblers understand their perspectives in advance. You can even calculate the estimated odds of winning by applying basic mathematics. And since a player is well aware of outcomes, they count rather than gamble. Yet a whole different narrative comes into being as soon as slot machines are involved.

Slots have unpredictable mind that the most accurate computations would fail at the face of reality. Gamblers might spend hours and hours in attempt to solve the riddle, they could surf through the key bet roulette in order to catch provably fair software, but guess what? All these efforts will be utterly in vain. Regardless of your methodology, the next spin seems to always be something truly unknown. That’s why online slots pitifully wallow in a fascinating maze of myths, rumors, legends and delusions. Some even informally refer to this problem as to ‘slotshaming’. The truth, though, remains intact, so we just have to investigate five common misconceptions around slots to cross all t’s.

Entry Level: Slots Are Programmed

Misconception: casinos low-key program slot machines so that the house wins at any cost a.k.a. games by some provider are rigged.

Truth: partially false because slot machines are really programmed, but to spit out random outcomes – yet it does not mean there are no rogue operators abusing their customers.

If you believe in overwhelming dishonesty among slot software, then you’d better learn the ropes of how slot machines work. They have the brains known as a random number generator which has no idea about hot and cold streaks. Even though it might seem that games alternate consistent payouts with dry spells, this is nothing more than a sheer coincidence. Every spin has an entirely random nature. When you share a birthday with two colleagues from work, you are not bonded or whatever – it is simply a coincidence, but a mind-boggling one anyway. Same goes for slots.

Going Deeper: Jackpot Frequency

Misconception: if a slot has already paid out a jackpot prize, one should stop salivating at another big win-win situation.

Truth: that myths directly stems from the misconception mentioned above because, again, the chances to get your dough are not connected in any way to previous spins – slot machines cannot consider figures.

There’s a theme developing here – slot machines know how to think. Well, we can’t deny the fact that the larger part of myths are related to a crazy theory that slot machines utilize complex neural networks allowing to scam players in obscure fashion. Absolute, one hundred percent ‘no way’. Quit reaching. This conspiracy theory can be easily destroyed by RNGs once again. Spins represent random events. At least, that is the case for reputable operators. So in case you win a jackpot, there’s no reason why another jackpot won’t knock at the door within a couple of minutes.

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