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About the Cup

The Authors' Cup is an annual creative writing competition made by authors for all authors. On Inkspired we want to motivate all writers and aspiring authors of different literary genres.

The next edition will last 3 months, and the starting date will be announced soon. Only participants that have registered on Inkspired prior to that date will be able to join and be part of the competition.

We are an inclusive platform and that's why The Authors' Cup will be open to all countries, languages, literary genres whether is a short story or novel published on Inkspired.

Our purpose

We want to aid the creative work of all writers, maximize their audience reach, and reward the most committed authors. The Authors' Cup will manage an inclusive creative policy with no discrimination of literary genres or nationalities.

Meet the current Champions

Second Edition 2020

Authors' Cup

Andy P French


Gabriel Mazzaro


Asteria Bridget


Past editions

See what happened in previous editions:

Second Edition 2020: 02 Oct - 20 Dec, 2020. + Champions, Ranking, The Best Stories awards, Jury, Prizes, and Rules. + Challenges.

First Edition 2019: 02 May - 31 Jul, 2019. + Champions, Ranking, The Best Stories awards, Jury, Prizes, and Rules. + Challenges.

How does the competition work?

The Authors' Cup is about writing and promoting your stories in a consistent way. To participate, just:

1 Create an Inkspired account, and join the competition by registering on this page.
Register now.
2 When the competition starts, you will be able to see some writing/publishing challenges on this page. Select the challenges you want to participate, follow their specific guidelines, complete them, and claim your points!
3 The top 3 authors that have the most Points in the ranking at the end of the competition will be the winners.
See all the prizes.

There will be also 2 additional prizes for 2 random users (lottery) across the top 25 in the ranking. You can participate in challenges with stories in any language, and in any category or genre.

Other Awards

Additionally, we will have separate awards for a special challenge to select the best and most popular stories in English and Spanish under the following categories:

Format: Story with chapters or Visual story.

Format: Interactive story.

Participating stories must have to be created, published and updated during the competition time. You can only apply with one story per category, so choose your story wisely ;)

Have a brief look into the awards. To know how we will evaluate the stories, please read the Rules.

Kinds of challenges

  • Cup Challenges, you can accomplish at any time during the duration of the competition.
  • Monthly Challenges, that will only be valid within a specific month. They will be revealed at the start of each month.
  • Flash Challenges, that could appear randomly at any time and may last only from hours to a few days. You will need to be quick to snatch them before they disappear!

Participants in the competition will automatically get the Points whenever they complete the accepted challenge successfully and within the given timeframe.

Prizes at the end of the competition

Prizes 1st place 2nd place 3rd place Lottery winner 1 Lottery winner 2
Badge in your user's profile Champion's cup Silver medal Bronze medal - -
Writer Premium Lifetime subscription 1 year, Free 1 year, Free - -
Cash Voucher* $250 $150 $100 $50 $50
Ticket to the next Authors' Cup edition - -
Rewards Credits 1000 700 500 250 250

Awards for the best stories in selected categories

Award Winner 2nd winner
Inkspired Originals contract
(1 year)
Extra Points to the ranking table +20 Points per category +15 Points per category
Golden Star Badge in your story's profile -
Writer Premium 1 year, Free -
Rewards Credits 500 250
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The Road to the Cup

Top 25 Ranking, Third Edition 2021

Participants, so far
See the complete ranking table.


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